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Trichomoniasis in men — Symptoms and treatment of trichomoniasis in men

Infection with a venereal nature, which affects the body of both partners, called trichomoniasis or trichomoniasis in men and women. The most dangerous and widespread among other diseases that are transmitted sexually. Amazing, first and foremost, trichomoniasis in men and women genitourinary system, and, hence, leads to serious consequences, sometimes incurable chronic diseases like infertility and prostatitis.

Representatives of the stronger sex are often the carriers of infection, because single-celled organism Trichomonas in men is not a rare phenomenon. Obvious signs of trichomoniasis in men do not have blatant symptoms, and therefore occurring subsequently, the problem of how to treat trichomoniasis in men in already running form and is it possible to do at all. In any case, when you first suspected changes in the genitourinary system it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, identify the cause and start proper treatment of trichomoniasis in men and women.

What is trichomoniasis

Urogenital sexually transmitted disease is caused by infection with micro-organisms, as vaginal Trichomonas Trichomonas vaginalis. Anaerobic parasite reaches the size of 40 microns and is a pathogenic agent. The optimum temperature for its existence 35-37°C. And therefore trichomoniasis symptoms in men often manifests from the violations:

  1. urethra. Urethra,
  2. genital. Prostate gland, seminal vesicles,
  3. circulatory system,
  4. lymphonoduses'.

They are often confused with lymphocytes and platelets. Trichomonas vaginalis in men can also occur in the intestine, but they die quickly. Easily penetrate into the intercellular space, suppress the immune system, and due to its flagella also have the opportunity to move quickly. But not as terrible symptoms of trichomoniasis in men, as the diseases and complications that they provoke:

  1. education infiltration,
  2. epididymitis. Inflammation appendage testicles. Manifested in edema, a swelling of the scrotum,
  3. prostatitis. The defeat of the prostate gland, which provokes the condition of fever, pain in muscle, inguinal region, dysfunction of urination, the appearance of intestinal obstruction,
  4. dysuria. Violation of excretory system urine,

If discovered even the not too clear signs of sexual dysfunction is necessary diagnostics and subsequent intensive treatment of trichomoniasis in men when it is detected. To get rid of microorganisms impossible.

Trichomoniasis: ways and reasons of infection

Disease that occurs in men and women, of course, is a common source of infection and exposure. Consider the main causes of trichomoniasis in men:

  • sexual contact with an infected partner or media,
  • household method. Consider rare, but still do not exclude it. The wet stuff, a common bath towel,
  • during the procedure palpation of the prostate through poorly processed instruments in the laboratory.

This is only the basic ways of penetration of infectious microorganisms. Parasites themselves can live after being hit in the surrounding moist environment about 15 minutes. In this case, they are virtually harmless. But there is still risk among the representatives of the male half, which can be vulnerable to infection. Predisposing factors the occurrence of Trichomonas in men:

  1. insufficient production of hormones,
  2. hypovitaminosis,
  3. metabolic disorder,
  4. previously transferred sexually transmitted infection,
  5. unprotected intercourse,
  6. a large number of sexual partners.

Reason can be considered as the main, but it is also worth considering further the purpose of diagnosis of the disease. Proper treatment of trichomoniasis in adult men – a selection of drugs not only against parasites, but also from concomitant diseases and possible sources.

The first symptoms of trichomoniasis

The manifestation of the venereal disease maybe not immediately. The first signs of trichomoniasis in men can be visible only after few months from the moment of infection, when the microorganisms reduce the immune system and affect the genitourinary organs. The duration of the disease at the initial stage is acute and subacute forms. At this stage, the symptoms of trichomoniasis in men are characterized by manifestations of weak character:

  • burning and itching during urination,
  • highlight yellow,
  • pain in the groin,
  • unpleasant feelings during sexual intercourse,
  • the presence of blood clots in the semen.

The microorganism Trichomonas manifests in men signs that are characteristic of inflammation of the prostatecancer and acute forms of prostatitis. Therefore, the majority of men don't really pay attention to them. But medical diagnosis specialists can identify emerging trichomoniasis in men and its primary symptoms:

  • ulcerative lesions of the urethra,
  • narrowing of the urethra,
  • inflammation of the urinary organs.

All of this points to the presence of more serious health problems than standard problems with the prostate gland. An experienced doctor will continue the study for correct diagnosis.

Chronic trichomoniasis

In the untimely evaluation of Trichomonas in the body and the later appeal for help to the doctor, the disease goes into running shape: chronic trichomoniasis, trihomonadonositelstvo. At this stage, trichomoniasis is manifested in the form of heavy complications and consequences:

  1. the risk of HIV infection: cytomegalovirus, herpes, fungi, Candida, gonorrhea, chlamydia. Microorganisms in Trichomonas, which are their direct carriers through the blood, urinary system,
  2. prostatitis. Inflammation of the prostate gland,
  3. vesiculitis. The defeat of the seminal vesicles, the deterioration of the quality of the sperm,
  4. pyelonephritis. The kidney failure,
  5. orchitis. Process caused by inflammation of the testicles in men. Accompanied by pain in the groin part, changing the surface of the scrotum, a large flow of blood in the body,
  6. sexual dysfunction,
  7. infertility,
  8. cancerous lesion of the prostate.

To cure the effects of Trichomonas in men is quite difficult. It is therefore necessary to monitor your health and consult a doctor.

Diagnosis and tests for Trichomonas

Before assigning the necessary preparations and determine how to treat trichomoniasis in men undergoing tests. The results should clearly define the disease. In most cases, Trichomonas is not susceptible to antibiotics so it is important to pass all the necessary tests:

  • a blood test for TORCH infections,
  • can. If the parasites are in the urinary system,
  • bacteriological method of research. Sowing and further study of the parasite,
  • PCR-diagnostics. Obtaining in the laboratory part of the DNA of Trichomonas,
  • immunoenzyme analysis. Determines the presence of antibodies, which allocates the body an infection,
  • smear microscopy from the urethra. It is possible to conduct the dyeing of the materials obtained without it.

If the diagnosis of trichomoniasis in men was confirmed, the treatment must necessarily take place from a partner. Otherwise, there is a possibility of re-infection.

Treatment of trichomoniasis in men

Drugs should be administered in accordance with the duration, form of the disease and related complications that provoked the microorganisms. Self-treatment will not lead to a positive result, as the parasites Trichomonas are not sensitive to most known potent antiparasitic drugs. Treatment should appoint only the doctor after the diagnosis for trichomoniasis in men.

"Fasigyn". The drug is prescribed for Trichomoniasis, Giardiasis, and diseases caused by anaerobic bacteria. Daily admission is 150 mg 3 times. The length of treatment is 5 to 7 days. Recommended additional local treatment.

Antiprotozoal remedy "Trichomonacid". The introduction into the urethra at day 1 time 10 ml of 1% solution. Course duration 5-6 days.

"Demonicrats". Prescribed for infectious inflammatory conditions caused by reproductive tract Trichomonas. Reception 1 capsule 2 times a day. Course duration – 4 days.

Pills "Metronidazole". The daily dose is 250 mg 2 times. The course of treatment is 10 days. Complications may increase dosage to 400 mg twice a day. In this case, the duration of the course is 5-8 days.

To the process of recovery happened as quickly as possible, in the treatment prohibits any sex, intake of alcohol-containing products, as well as the additional use of not prescribed drugs. During this period, you must strictly observe the rules of personal intimate hygiene: washing external sexual organ, the removal of all hair in the groin area, taking a shower after each urination.

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