The first symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

Venereal disease is destructive to the human body action. There are no such diseases as these, which would be accompanied by such terrible injuries to the body, such as sexually transmitted diseases. The body is covered with sores, broken soft and cartilaginous tissue. Time to time treatment, it is important to know the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases at an early stage.

Pervye simptomy venericheskih zabolevanij

Features of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases do not manifest immediately. Is the incubation period ranges from several weeks to several months when the viruses and microbes don't give themselves away. In this their danger. People may not be aware that you have HIV, as long as no symptoms appear. Often the first symptoms of the disease appear already in the third stage, when a cure is too late. Especially this property of HIV manifests in women. Although sexually transmitted diseases are equally destructive for both women and men, the process proceeds differently. Women have it more secretive because women's genitals are inside the body.

The danger is, and what about STDs, sexually transmitted diseases, to speak aloud is not accepted. The topic is very sensitive and many, both men and women are ashamed to seek medical attention. Trying to be treated yourself. As a result, may occur the more dangerous the situation. Venereal disease symptoms will cease to be manifested, but the disease itself will not disappear. She just may go from the acute to the chronic phase. The virus will cease to be manifested, the symptoms disappear, we have the illusion of recovery. But in fact, the disease has not disappeared. At this time, the body continues to deteriorate, and the patient to infect others.

Any disease, sexually transmitted diseases, manifested in a special way, has its own set of symptoms and occurs in different ways. Especially dangerous are those which occur covertly, or disguised under less dangerous ailments. In the world there are more than 30 sexually transmitted diseases, but in Russia common to name a few.

The acquired immune deficiency syndrome

AIDS is one of the most dangerous venereal diseases. It was opened recently and there's not much known. It is known that it is incurable, at least for today there is no medicine or vaccine to cure the person completely. Has a very long incubation period first symptoms may occur several years after infection. All this time the patient is a carrier of the virus. Below are the signs of sexually transmitted diseases characteristic of AIDS:

  • high temperature,
  • aching muscles and bones,
  • rash,

    Pervye simptomy venericheskih zabolevanij

  • swollen lymph nodes in the armpits and on the back,
  • fungal infections in the mouth and on the genitals.

The weakened immunity leads to the development of other ailments. A person can be infected, for example, tuberculosis, or lethal form of influenza, the process of disease development occurs rapidly. Venereal disease symptoms, which can be observed in men manifest: AIDS patient feels a General weakness and rapid fatigue. If you have any chronic diseases, they are moving from a chronic active phase. To make an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to take a blood test for HIV. Although AIDS is not curable, but it can be moved from the active to the passive phase. This will enable to increase the life expectancy of the patient and reduce the risk of spreading the virus, as in the passive state it is not transmitted.


Chlamydia and its variants is such venereal disease symptoms will occur, in the presence of infection, within a month. In the first stage of possible this expression, such as cystitis, pneumonia, or arthritis. Masquerading as other diseases, chlamydia is detected much later. At this time, an infected trying to treat a completely different illness, wasting time. Only after the examination can precisely detect the presence of chlamydia. To determine the presence of disease in males by the following characteristics:

  • continually increased body temperature to 37.5 degrees,
  • weakness, very quickly fatigue occurs,
  • come from the urethra purulent discharge with a horrible smell,
  • the appearance of blood in the urine,
  • redness of the penis head,
  • pain in the joints and the lower back.

If you have these symptoms you must seek medical attention. Female Chlamydia to detect much more complicated. Any external manifestations and secretions are seen. The changecolor whiter, but it can be a sign of hypothermia. Will only regular examination by a gynecologist twice a year.


Trichomoniasis is one of the most insidious sexually transmitted diseases. Manifest venereal symptoms are very weak, the incubation period can last up to 3 weeks. All this time the person may not even be aware of their infection. The possible exacerbation of previous illnesses. To identify the disease only after passing the tests and completing the research, but there are some signs, at whose appearance should consult a doctor. In men, trichomoniasis may experience the following symptoms:

  • I got a weak pain when urinating, pain or burning,
  • the urge to urinate when no urine,
  • mucus in small quantity.
Pervye simptomy venericheskih zabolevanij

Trichomoniasis causes the development of male prostatitis, urethritis, and infertility. In order to recover, will have to take a course of antibiotics, including in the form of compositions to be applied to the affected area of the antimicrobial compositions. Simultaneously with treatment of the study of the body of the sexual partner of the patient.


Gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases among both men and women. The danger of this disease lies in the fact that in recent times, know the symptoms, in the form of mucous purulent discharge, are not highlighted. The infection has mutated and now its manifestations are hidden, but there are signs that it is still possible to detect its presence. The following are the symptoms of venereal disease.

  • itching when urinating,
  • feeling heat inside the head and on the end of it,
  • the mouth of the urethra sticky, appear swelling and redness.

Mild gonorrhea be treated quickly. Medication treatment is only 1 week. If gonorrhea to start, then the treatment will take longer. For the treatment of disease are very powerful antibiotics such as Ceftriaxone, azithromycin, doxycyclin. Their prolonged use can greatly affect the liver. Therefore, in manifestation of at least one of these symptoms, should immediately consult a doctor.


Syphilis is one of the most dangerous and insidious diseases known to man. Brought him, as you know, from the New world in the days of the Great discoveries. There was a time when syphilis carried off hundreds of thousands of lives. The danger of this disease lies in the fact that she is not only transmitted sexually. By close contact, for example, by kissing, shaking hands and even infected bedding or linen can lead to infection. In our time, household syphilis almost completely disappeared.

The main signs of infection in men is the appearance of sores on the penis – chancre. Sometimes the chancre appears at other places, such as on the lips, in the oral region, and rarely in the neck, the anus. In the first stage, the disease does not manifest itself, to determine the presence of the disease only after examination. The incubation period lasts more than a month.

Unfortunately, most patients are reluctant to recognize the fact of infection and, even after the appearance of the chancre, consider the ulcer as a normal scratch or a wound received at impact. Syphilis is accompanied by swollen glands and pain when they are feeling. If it is not treated at an early stage, syphilis is transferred from the first to the second stage. Then manifest such signs as:

  • loss rash,
  • high temperature up to 38 degrees and above,
  • baldness,
  • quickly fatigue occurs,
  • frequent headaches,
  • large ulcers and boils directly on the genitals,
  • swollen lymph nodes in 2-3 times and the pain their feeling.

If time does not go to the doctor on the 1st and 2nd stages of syphilis, comes the third stage:

  • destroyed musculoskeletal system, you may receive the modified gait,
  • the whole body is covered with deep and foul ulcers (can fail the nose),
  • destroyed internal organs,
  • destroys the nervous system. People suffer from nervous attacks and psychosis.

Syphilis causes about a quarter of all infected. Previously, until 1963 it was treated with drugs based on mercury. Nowadays use safer products, but still used antibiotics are highly toxic. When re-infection, syphilis begins immediately with third stage, and becomes completely incurable.


Ureaplasmosis – is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. Symptoms of anaplasmosis can occur within several days to one month. The main symptoms, which can determine the presence of the disease:

Pervye simptomy venericheskih zabolevanij
  • mild pain during urination,
  • redness and burning in the groin area,
  • redness of the head of the penis, especially near the urethra,
  • discharge from the urethra, without odor and color.

The ureaplasmosis predominantly affects women. If the disease is not treated it will cause inflammation and scar the cervix, leading to infertility. U are a man it can lead to prostatitis, and infertility. So it is bettertimely examinations and to monitor their sex life.