Candles vaginal infections for women

Svechi vaginalnye ot infekcij dlya zhenshin

In recent years, widespread sexual infections. Many diseases of this type are easily treated with special medicines. Among them stand out the candles vaginal.

When a person is sick, any infection after correct diagnosis, the physician should choose the appropriate medication. Moreover, choosing the perfect tool to fight the disease, the doctor takes into account not only single chemical composition of the drug, but also the form in which the drug is released. The impact of medication on the region of the disease depends largely on its shape.

For example, the appearance of genital infections, it is important that the medication is directly incident on a particular area of the disease. For treatment of these diseases quite often prescribe a special vaginal suppositories for the treatment of various genital infections. This form of this drug allows women to deeply enter the medication into the body.

How to work vaginal suppositories

Gynecologists prescribe these antibacterial candles to eliminate harmful microbes. With their help, removed a variety of infectious agents. Such vaginal antibacterial drugs designed to remove: Streptococcus, intracellular bacteria.

Vaginal candles in their composition contain substances that can prevent bacterial growth in the body. Chemical substances that kill harmful microbes. These candles suspended protein synthesis, they do not allow harmful bacteria to proliferate.

Before prescribe treatment, each woman must undergo a full examination. According to the analysis, the doctor selects for women the most suitable drugs, gives advice on what should be the further prevention of infections.

The shape of the candles

To combat fungal and infectious diseases, the candles are produced in several types:

  • Flat,
  • Ovate,
  • Spherical.

    Svechi vaginalnye ot infekcij dlya zhenshin

When the room is maintained at room temperature, the candles retain their solid form. But once they get inside the body, they instantly melt and spread quickly through the body. The drug enters the center of a disease and starts to affect the harmful microbes trapped inside the vagina.

Candles, healing fungus, and various infections are made in the pharmacy. They are also involved in the production of specialized enterprises. Usually weight vaginal candle does not exceed four grams.

Candles consist of special drugs, and special foundations, which depends on the shape of the candle. Usually it is based on cocoa butter. It can be used without additives, or in conjunction with paraffin or fats. In addition, the Foundation enables the medical glycerin and gelatin.

The composition of the candle includes drugs that are easy to get into the blood women. Therefore, the use of candles must be strict dosage, which is specified in the attached instructions. In some cases, the doctor depending on the individual may designate another use of candles. It will differ from the enclosed insert.

How to handle drugs

Infectious infected women in the treatment of inflammation of the genital organs must use candles, inserting them as deeply as possible into the vagina. This procedure should be carried out daily before bedtime.

The drug, once in the vagina, immediately begins to dissolve. At the same time the destruction of the infection. On the sheet, in the morning you can see traces of liquid discharge directly from the genitals. Do not worry. It is a little flowed from the vagina dissolved into a candle.

For prevention, women need every day to use the daily strips. Especially if she is being treated. The liquid will be absorbed by the gasket and will not fall on the exposed areas of the body.

Sexual infection cause a variety of microorganisms. These include:

  • Bacteria,
  • Viruses,
  • Fungus.

    Svechi vaginalnye ot infekcij dlya zhenshin

Most popular vaginal candles, successfully struggling with various sexual infections, are considered:"Hexicon", "Betadine", "Pimafucin".


These candles are used for prophylaxis and subsequent treatment of inflammatory processes of genital organs of a woman. This drug can be used as a preventive measure, carried out after intercourse without a condom. Thus, the prevention of infections, which can get inside the vagina.

It is very important that the drug in the vagina, immediately after the last unprotected intercourse.


It includes iodine. He, entering into connection with protein cells, spreading infection, kills harmful bacteria, and turns off the cage. It is used for many different purposes, it is used even for the treatment of HIV infected patients.


This drug has long established itself as a highly effective tool in the treatment of thrush and other genital infections.

Independently use this medicine is not recommended. To get a positive result, it is necessary to choose the right dosage and to develop a treatment plan. It is only by professional doctor.

Diagnosis and treatment

After consultation feminine, the patient must undergo a full examination, pass all the necessary tests. Based on these data, gynecologist assigns the appropriate drug.

Remember that self-treatment may only worsen the situation and lead to grave consequences. Only counseling will help to forget about the disease.

All drugs sold in specialized pharmacies. When buying candles be sure to pay special attention to the release date. Never use expired drugs.

Before inserting a candle, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands. If they are dirty the possible ingestion of some serious infections. Before the introduction of candles you need to wash, slightly heated water. The candle is inserted into the vagina with your index finger. Try to keep it as deep as you can get inside the vagina.

Sometimes the candle flows out of the vagina very quickly. Of course, you should try to avoid this situation. But if this happens, repeat the procedure and re-insert the candle can not be that he took an overdose of medication.

Candles to fight thrush

The most popular and frequently used vaginal suppositories for treatment of yeast infection has long been:

  • "Pimafucin»,
  • "Nizoral»,
  • «Clotrimazolum»,
  • "Michal»
  • "Gino-Travelon»,
  • "Gyno-daktarin»,
  • "Gino-Pevaryl»
  • «Ovestin.»

With the rapid multiplication of harmful germs, the best help to cure yeast infection candles, stamps "Dafnegin".

Quite often against of thrush using various ointments and suppositories. Because the use of tablets could negatively affect the condition of the body.

Candles are used mainly for mild illness, when not observed any complications. They are also used when the thrush is chronic. When you are assigned a complex treatment, are also used antimycotic funds.

For a full treatment of thrush is not enough only one candle. It is very important to observe hygiene, do not wear synthetic underwear and to exclude from its menu of sweet products.

The main goal of treatment is:

  • Fungus removal,
  • Microflora restoration.

When diagnosed with a complex, advanced form of thrush, vaginal together with candles, are assigned to the oral agents. Candles consist of several antimycotic substances: "Zalain", "Livarol", "Clotrimazole", "Inamazon", "Candiani", "Miconazole", "Antifungal", "Klion-D 100", "Lomexin", "Sertaconazole" "Betrothal".


Svechi vaginalnye ot infekcij dlya zhenshin

This drug is not considered to be a versatile tool, providing quick and positive effect in the treatment of thrush, however, it is constantly prescribed gynecologists, the appearance of infection in the area of the genitals.

This drug specifically developed to combat infections, relieve inflammation, and also remove harmful germs.

Suppository inserted deep inside the vagina. They consist of many special drugs, having a devastating effect on germs that caused the inflammatory process.

Tinidazol removes anaerobic microorganisms. Neomycin is included in a group of antibiotics aminoglycosides broad-spectrum. Nystatin, is a powerful drug that kills the fungus Candida.

To avoid anti-inflammatory process in candles was included Prednisone. Candles Terginan well treated:

  • Vaginitis,
  • Vaginosis,
  • Trichomoniasis,
  • Thrush.

These candles are often used before the beginning of gynecological surgery, such as abortion.


Such candles treat vaginal thrush, occurring in simple form, without serious complications. Analogue of this medication are: "Diflazon", "Mycomax", "Diflucan", "Diflazon", "Mycosyst", "Flucostat".

Treatment including vaginal candles lasts a maximum of seven days. It all depends on the severity of the disease. A positive result of this treatment reaches over 90%.

While under treatment, fromwomen are required to constantly conduct personal hygiene and complete abstinence from any sexual intercourse. As a complement to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, you can use non-traditional and traditional methods. The vagina should be washed manganese or weak soda solution.

However, before starting such activities, you should consult with your doctor. To completely cure yeast infection is possible only by complex methods. Personal hygiene and preventive measures will help to avoid relapse.


Of course, vaginal suppositories quite effective in the treatment of genital infections. However, if used often enough, will begin to die microflora. It may cause allergies and dryness of the vagina.

That is why every woman should strive to avoid getting sexual infections. She just need to constantly use special equipment that protects the vagina from germs during intercourse. After all, preventing is much easier than to take his medication.

In any case, no need to self-medicate only a doctor will be able to choose the right vaginal suppositories and assign specific course of treatment.

Prevent infections, as such, no, but it's very important just to monitor their health!