Gonorrhea symptoms in women first signs

Gonoreya simptomy u zhenshin pervye priznaki

Gonorrhea is a disease that is transmitted sexually. People call it the clap. Now less heard of, but that doesn't mean that gonorrhea has completely disappeared. In fact it is often asymptomatic and is difficult to detect in a normal situation. Some women are unaware that they are carriers.

This disease has been known for many centuries, but is still present in people's lives. Causes it gonococcus, which perfectly adapts to the parasitism within the cells. Gonococcal infection affects men and women of different age categories.

Features of gonorrhea

This disease is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. It adversely affects a woman's body, affecting her internal organs. But in recent years increasingly found oligosymptomatic or asymptomatic disease. This complicates its detection. It is also possible undertreated condition that hides in the body, not allowing him to see.

The consequences of gonorrhea is always sad. It causes infertility in women and men. If you are suffering respiratory tract, it affects nervous and cardiovascular systems. Some affected joints. If you run the disease and refuse treatment, then this will all end in blood poisoning, leading to death.

The scary thing is that when infected mother, the baby can also get gonorrhea during childbirth.

Route of transmission

Gonorrhea is transmitted mainly through sexual contact with traditional and non-traditional sexual act. The probability of getting the disease after a single sex with an infected man reaches 85%. It's easy to explain the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the reproductive system in women and hormonal features.

Gonoreya simptomy u zhenshin pervye priznaki

Some fear that to a disease in the public bath, the sauna through the bath items and towels. But in fact such cases are very few. The gonococcus is not able to survive more than a few minutes outside the human body, so it dies quickly in the open air. This eliminated domestic transmission of the pathogen.

Another way of transmission is the infection of the child during passage through the birth canal. So before birth, you must process the woman, which significantly reduces the risk to the child.

Symptoms of gonorrhea in women

The incubation period may last several weeks. Sometimes it can be quite short and not exceed a couple of days. The first signs of the acute form is not always possible to notice and they are generally asymptomatic and lubricated. The woman feels healthy.

Gonoreya simptomy u zhenshin pervye priznaki

But in the future will begin to manifest in women symptoms. They expressed a burning sensation and soreness of the urethra. At the beginning of urination, these sensations are present, then disappear. There is a desire often to go to the toilet and while noticeable selection in low quantity.

So you can often confuse this disease even cystitis or thrush. At the same time women begin to self-treat themselves, which does not improve the situation.

Clear symptoms

Further symptoms are progressing. The allocation number increase, they purulent character. Women with a hit of the gonococcus in the uterine cavity will appear lower abdominal pain. Also, there is an uncomfortable feeling in the external genitals, their redness.

Sometimes fever and increased lymph nodes. The labia are slightly swollen and will hurt due to the inflammation bartolino glands. The location of the inflammation compacted and painful. The skin around the affected mucous membranes and eczema. If the affected mucous membranes of the mouth, then it must appear the ulcers. If this notice is excessive drooling. When infected the anus there is a burning sensation and itching. There may also be a selection.

Chronic gonorrhea in women causes changes in the reproductive system that cause infertility. However, it can damage the liver, kidneys and even the brain. There are cases of lesions of the nervous system, bones and skin.

Severe is the infection of the appendages. This threat gonorrhea symptoms in women manifests vividly andexpressed. At the same time increases the temperature to 40 C, pain in lower abdomen, menstruation is disturbed. Fabric tubes can stick together, preventing the passage of purulent secretions. They will accumulate, inflating the tube. In this case, only surgery.

If gonorrhea is not treated at all, there is a gonorrheal septicemia. The gonococcus enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body. He begins to hit almost all the internal organs.

Gonorrhea and pregnancy

It happens that before or during the pregnancy the infection occurs. The course of the disease depends on the duration of infection. If a woman is infected prior to pregnancy, gonorrhea can occur almost asymptomatic. It will not have complaints about their health. But sometimes a small number of pregnant women notice changes in the body.

Gonoreya simptomy u zhenshin pervye priznaki

Typical signs of infection at this time, is the inflammation of the vagina. This is due to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. Mucous cells are rearranged under the influence of hormones, not preventing gonorrhea to penetrate into them. From the vagina there is discharge in abundant quantity, there is a feeling of burning and itching. All the symptoms can resemble the usual yeast infection.

At least a gonococcus does not affect the development of the fetus and it causes anomalies, but this neighborhood is unsafe. When infected in early pregnancy it may cause inflammation of the mucous layer of the uterus. And it does not allow the fetus to exist normally in it and miscarry. If the infection happened in the 2nd half, then an amniotic bubble will not penetrate the pathogen into the uterine cavity. But what often happens is placental insufficiency. The child develops oxygen starvation and lack of nutrients.

Sometimes gonorrhea is still striking a child. In this scenario, you receive sepsis or inflamed amniotic bubble. It is accompanied by high fever, increase heart rate. Premature birth can begin. After them frequent inflammatory processes in the uterus.


To diagnose not only the symptoms. Therefore, the required laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis. For the analysis used by the crops, and serve as material selection. They are taken from

  • vaginae,
  • the cervical canal,
  • urethra,
  • the threshold of the vagina.

The doctor takes swabs and send to the lab. Usually to get a result you must a few days.

It is possible to carry out microscopic examination. To do this, get the same materials from the same places. But this method does not give reliable 100% accuracy. So it is used mainly as a preliminary diagnosis.

PCR is indicative only. It is sensitive, but can give incorrect results under the influence of some factors. So after receiving a positive result, it will check the sowing.

To identify gonorrhea using ELISA analysis. It finds the antibodies or antigens of the gonococcus. This method is faster and more accurate.

Treat disease

The symptoms and treatment see dermatologist and gynecologist. This two doctors will work together to treat an infected woman. When the treatment starts on time without any delays, then to cure gonorrhea can be fast enough. Prescribe it to pregnant and not pregnant women. Usually it is necessary to attend inpatient treatment. The course of treatment is developed for each individual depending on the disease and its features.

Often treat gonorrhea derivatives of penicillin. To avoid allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock, a physician conducts a reaction to the antibiotics. If the response is positive, then choose alternative methods of treatment. Self pick up drugs impossible. The woman does not know whether gonorrhea in the body or with her there are other disease. The more independently calculate the treatment and find necessary for a specific case the drug is absolutely impossible.

After recovery is necessary to visit doctors. This is necessary in order to ensure recovery or to continue treatment.

If not treated

Sometimes some women refuse to specialized treatment, or are trying to find drugs. However, they do not take into account the sensitivity of gonococci to the antibiotic and not know about the existence of other infections. In this case, perhaps the emergence of new strains of disease that are more aggressive. Their sensitivity to antibiotics is gradually reduced and the drug has no effect on the gonococcus.

It all gradually goes into a latent chronic form, penetrating into the body. In the future, is a defeat of numerous internal organs that can pass virtually asymptomatic. This worsens the situation, because if you continue to delay treatment, sepsis can not be avoided.

It is not necessary to refuse treatment or do it yourself. In fact, get rid of gonorrhea can be 2 weeks, if the time to appeal. When tightening and losing most organs, treatment is extended for months.

Behavior during treatment

To the treatment was positive, in addition to prescription drugsyou must follow a few actions. This will help to recover and not infect others.

  1. During treatment, unwanted sexual life.
  2. Not recommended intake of alcoholic beverages.
  3. Lifestyle change to a more gentle and avoid a lot of physical activity.
  4. Observe the rules of personal hygiene.


Prevention of the disease is quite simple. It is desirable during sexual intercourse, to use protection. Not to change partners frequently and do not bed to tie relations with those where there is no confidence in their health. Only use your bath accessories.

Have to do a health check and do the necessary examination when identifying a symptom. Possible gonorrhea is held in a latent form, and tests will help to learn it and time to start treatment. If after a full recovery will not happen again infection, the person will get rid of gonorrhea for life.