Hidden infection in women list of symptoms

Skrytye infekcii u zhenshin spisok simptomy

Symptomatic infections that are classified as hidden, can long period does not occur, or if this is observed, it is immaterial, that does not give full confidence to assume the presence of the virus in the body. A list of hidden infections very impressive, but the most unpleasant, most diseases are sexually transmitted, and diagnose them at an early stage problematic, which probably was the name. Despite the lack of characteristic symptoms, illness of this type can further have a significant impact on health and ignoring illness or ineffective treatment can have very serious consequences, including infertility.

Pathology that may occur

In most cases, which constitute the bulk of the list of hidden infections in women are sexually transmitted during unprotected sex contraceptives. STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) doubly dangerous phenomenon, because of the ability to get pregnant. A feature of the disease is that the disease can be transmitted from mother to baby during the period of gestation, or during labor. Tests for hidden infections in women are advised to take in paid medical institutions where there is new equipment and apparatus, which can detect virus in the earliest stages of development.

The disease can occur with more pronounced symptoms if it is aggravated by various aggravating factors:

  1. The environmental condition is below average.
  2. Weakened immune system.
  3. Stress, constant psychological breakdowns.
  4. Incorrect or poor nutrition.

Hidden infections the list of diseases

In the list of diseases that are sexually transmitted more than three dozen different infections, treatment should be started immediately after their discovery. Listing of the disease easier to make a list of pathogens, which are the main cause of diseases:

  • Bacteria.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Ectoparasites.
  • Viruses.

At its core dominated by diseases that have an infectious nature, and the way the infection usually occurs during unprotected sexual contact.

The list of infections which are in the form of detection, hidden, got the following basic composition:

  • The fungi Candida.
  • Herpes virus.
  • Mycoplasma urogenital in nature.
  • Cytomegalovirus.
  • Chlamydias.
  • Gardnerella.
  • Ureaplasmas.

    Skrytye infekcii u zhenshin spisok simptomy

Basically the list is far from complete, but it consists of those types of infections, which are detected only after diagnosis by the method of testing.

Symptoms, characterized by the appearance of latent diseases

Hidden sexual infections in the early period practically does not show. Only an analysis infection can diagnose the virus at a relatively early stage (4 weeks after infection). Only the progressive form and pronounced the symptoms leads many patients to pay attention to the problem and are at the reception to the professionals to determine the causes. These symptoms may be mild and may be associated:

  1. Unpleasant itching at the area of the genitals.
  2. Pain and discomfort during sexual relations.
  3. Rashes, redness on the genitals and in the immediate vicinity.
  4. Unusual in shape and smell of the discharge from the vagina or penis.
  5. Discomfort, causing pain and discomfort during urination.
  6. A feeling of heaviness and other unusual properties in the lower part of the groin.

Listing the symptoms, you can also add the appearance of pus and blood discharge from the genitals, both women and men. Taking into account that most of the diseases are sexually transmitted, especially it is possible with a little known partner in unprotected form of sex, women are doubly exposed to danger, as there is a threat of unplanned pregnancy.

There are more complicated symptoms, which in its manifestations can only indirectly indicate infection in women, and this specificity often gets confusing even for experienced professionals:

  1. The menstrual cycle is the common faults are violations of the irregular delays and other peculiar manifestations.
  2. Nevynashivanii child during pregnancy, miscarriages.
  3. The unpleasant sensation of pain in the pelvic area.
  4. Failures of pregnancy for a small period of gestation, infertility.

The majority of the symptoms are similarwith each other, but only the analysis on the latent forms of diseases that can determine the nature of the pathogen, which can help accurately diagnose the disease. Any listed symptom requires a very thorough examination.

The principle diagnosis

Skrytye infekcii u zhenshin spisok simptomy

The tests are not only when there is a suggestion that the presence of diseases, but also as a form of personal health monitoring. When planning pregnancy, women are obliged to take smear for hidden infections and to further ensure no manifestation of diseases of children, by contamination during a sort, as it sometimes happens with HPV. The most advanced latest technology, for example, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) make it possible not only to detect STIs (sexually transmitted infections), but also to monitor disease hereditary nature. Very importantly, this type of diagnosis identifies the different stage of the disease, in chronic and acute manifestations.

Latent (hidden) virus is much more difficult to identify by conventional tests, but the latest type of equipment using the research PCR reaction allows high accuracy to detect infection with the virus that will further help treat it at the earliest stage. Listing, what are the different types of research, it is important to clarify how is the diagnosis of diseases.

  1. To identify the reactions of immunological nature of the patients pass the biological material, to determine not so much the presence of the disease, how much his provocative virus. During the enzyme immunoassay is determined by the reaction on various symptoms, but the pathogen is not diagnosed.
  2. Smear. General view of analysis, which take the method of scraping material at the site of the genitals. For diagnosing infection in men the fence material is produced from the urethra.
  3. To determine the sensitivity of the infection to antimicrobial drugs, and also to determine the status of microflora conducted bacteriological seeding (LHC). This kind of diagnosis requires some time (several days) for sowing.
  4. Analysis to determine pathogens, as well as changes in RNA and DNA. Using the polymerase chain reaction has the ability to determine how can be called a disease, can continue to trigger other problems, and what method of treatment is best to use.
  5. REEF. By reaction in the immunofluorescence in gynecology have the opportunity to study the development of virus at the cellular level. The sooner you can identify the presence of infection, the easier it is to determine treatment, this is especially important during pregnancy, when there is a threat that a child who is nurtured, can become infected with the causative agent.

Preparation for testing

What can occur if time does not determine latent forms of diseases, enough said. To prevent irreparable, it is necessary not only to warn with protective contraceptives during sexual relations, but to control the condition. For the correct diagnosis, which should be measured to determine the presence of viruses, you need to know about some of the rules-preparation of tests for detecting infection in men and women.

  1. Testing in women is carried out after full completion of the menstrual cycle (4-5 days).
  2. Two days women should stop douching areas of the vagina.
  3. The night before and the morning of the visit to the doctor is not allowed wet processing of the genital organs.
  4. During dinner, you can consume small amounts of alcohol and to include in the list of dishes is spicy, salty and fried foods, it will help to trigger the pathogen.
  5. Two hours before the delivery stroke in women, or fence material in men from the urethra not to visit the toilet to urinate.
  6. For delivery of the material to identify underlying diseases prohibited medications with antiviral, anti-inflammatory characteristics, as well as antibiotics and contraceptives oral type.
  7. A few days before the tests should be discontinued intimate relationship.
Skrytye infekcii u zhenshin spisok simptomy

Clinics state-type trip to the gynecologist requires certain preparatory measures in the form of the acquisition of the gynecologic set. You need to find out from the experts what is included in the list of necessary items. In paid clinics all of the events take on workers, including increased control over the conduct of the tests. In public institutions, in mind of old worn out equipment, when carrying out diagnosis, often there are misunderstandings and mistakes. This type of research is best carried out in private clinics, which are not only greater control but also carry out diagnostics on modern equipment.

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