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Trichomoniasis How trichomoniasis is transmitted, methods of treatment

Recent statistics the incidence of sexually transmitted infections showed an increase of infection with STDs. What was the cause of the disappointing news. Most likely, the lack of sexual culture in the society and confusion in the choice of sexual partner. It is no secret that any infection is easier to prevent than to treat painful. Sometimes people think that disease happens to someone else, not us. The conversation goes like this almost asymptomatic, but very insidious urogenital infections such as trichomoniasis. Threat trichomoniasis is transmitted, and quickly introduced into the immune system of the body. Deceit sores is manifested primarily in the fact that an infected person may not even know about his carriage and along the way to infect new partners. This information will help those who care about you and your health and wants to live a full healthy life.

Trichomoniasis – recognize and warn

The infection has a parasitic nature caused by a microorganism called Trichomonas vaginalis (Trichomonas vaginalis) what is the simplest flagellate microorganism. When infection occurs, the inflammation because the pathogen is very easily transmitted, but because the place of infection has a humid, warm environment, and there secured. In women, Trichomonas affects the vagina and the urethra, and the male sexual organ, the urethra, affecting and prostate gland. Wondering how you can get infected with Trichomonas, it is worth noting that she prefers a moist environment and it can be a long time. In General, the path of asymptomatic infection with Trichomonas is extensive, and this is his danger.

The main danger is that Trichomonas open the way to infection to other infections, weakening of local immunity. Trichomonas how can she be infected? Trichomoniasis is transmitted threat unbeknownst to the owner. Along with it can go diseases such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia. In this case we are dealing with a bacterial and protozoan nature. The incubation period ranges from one to four weeks and may not be detected during infection. How do you get trichomoniasis? This sexually transmitted disease can transmitted mainly by sexual, although it is also possible infection and other ways that will be discussed below.

Trichomoniasis ways of infection is what we are going to list below

Consider the main possibilities for transmission of trichomoniasis:

  • vaginal contact without using barrier contraception,
  • anal intercourse without a condom,
  • oral sex,
  • deep petting, using hands, tongue and other body parts,
  • in rare cases, infection occurs through contact with fluids of another person, namely, blood, semen, vaginal secret sick person.
  • there is also a risk of infection of the fetus during its passage through the birth canal of mother infected with Trichomonas,
  • household way of infection (when to use hygiene items — towels, linens. If items are wet, for example, sponge bath, then the risk is higher. So trichomoniasis is transmitted very rarely.)

Forms Trichomoniasis

The disease can be a fresh (up to two months of infection), chronic (over two months of carriage), trihomonadonositelstvo. Fresh form readily becomes chronic because a strong immune system the signs can be minor and a few weeks to subside.

In the chronic form of the disease is the beginning, a dying character, occasionally bringing anxiety to its owner.

Carriage also means that the disease in which the person is not experiencing any signs of infect healthy partners and is a carrier of the infection without even realizing it. Wondering how fast the threat is transmitted trichomoniasis, we can list the following symptoms.

As the disease manifests itself

In women, the infection manifests considerable frothy vaginal discharge, possibly with unusual color and texture, itching vulva, pain in the abdomen, during sex and urination, as well as false and very painful for him impulses. Men most often survive the infection is asymptomatic, although sometimes there are such symptoms as itching and burning during urination, slight pain. Possible purulent discharge from the genitals. Both sexes can manifest in unusual redness and irritation of the mucous membrane of the genital organs, allergic reactions.

Describing the ways of getting infected with trichomoniasis, you should pay attention that the signs are conventional and can be of a temporary nature, manifesting itself in different situations, also these symptoms can mean other STDs because infection canto wear mixed.

Note that the disease can manifest with frequent cystitis, urethritis, colpitis, vulvovaginitis (in women) that should be alerted and encouraged to check their health.

The prevention of the disease

The best way to fight is her warning. Permanent and healthy partner is what helps us feel confident and healthy. Sometimes it is impossible, therefore first of all advise to pay attention to the choice of sexual partner and always use barrier contraception (condoms) if you are unsure of the health of the partner. For example, in Europe and America couples before you move to unprotected sex, couple pass together the tests for STDs, which is a good practice, protection of urinary infections. To become infected and ill, it is considered bad manners among modern people.

Once a year to undergo preventive examination by a urologist/gynecologist together with the delivery of the necessary analyses, also immediately visit a physician at occurrence of alarming symptoms.

Just in case you observe some simple hygiene and health regulations in public places – not to sit on the toilet in a public place, do not use common towels and sponges, not to swim in polluted areas.

It should be remembered that untreated and neglected infection is a direct way to complicated childbirth and infertility, and in men for prostatitis and decrease in sexual function, male infertility. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.