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The most terrible disease of mankind in the world

Samye strashnye bolezni chelovechestva v mire

The earth is constantly people die from various infections, viruses and various parasites. They're causing the most terrible diseases in the world. With the years there is a mutation of the virus. They again appear on earth and cause terrible epidemics.

In our progressive age very high speeds, large distances can be overcome in a few hours. Therefore, the virus of the African jungle fall to Europe and Asia very quickly. Human disease caused by such bacteria, very often ends in death.

The human body is, of course, fights viruses, but some of them damage the immune system and reduce the body's resistance. In such cases, death occurs in 90% of cases.

What germs do not penetrate the body of people. Ordinary staphylococci and terrible plague bacilli, they become a source of infection and cause terrible disease.

Such a terrible disease very much. Some of them result in death, others cause the person to experience terrible suffering. Let's meet some of them. They now cause fear in people.

The worst disease of mankind


This is the worst disease in the world that turns a man into a cripple. The leprosy causing Mycobacterium, affecting the skin and nervous system. The infection is transmitted only to the sick person. Mycobacteria able to be in humans in a sleep state.

At decrease in immunity, the virus can Wake up and start to develop rapidly. The skin is covered with bumps, the man is swollen, changing the folds of the face. Eyebrows dramatically move forward, there is a change in the shape of the nose and chin. This distorted image doctors call "a lion's face.


On earth today there are about 45 million people worldwide diagnosed with the disease. Hundreds of laboratories are trying to find a cure for this terrible disease. Unfortunately, a positive result is still there.

The worst thing for AIDS patients, is the lack of medicines. The disease is simply impossible to treat. People who become ill, even the common cold can die, as such people are completely lacking the immune system.

Black death

This horrible virus, or plague is capable of killing millions of people. Fortunately, mankind has been able to obtain the drug and overcome the disease. For many years, it did not appear on earth.

Samye strashnye bolezni chelovechestva v mire

This terrible virus is transferred rats and fleas living on their skin. One flea bite and the person will be infected. The infection spreads very quickly, and the larger the population, the more rapidly it will spread.

After exposure of Yersinia pestis in the body, it begins to break down. Bacteria emit toxic substances that destroy the protective systems of the human body. There is a rapid multiplication of bacteria. When the number reaches great concentration, they begin to destroy the arteries and blood vessels. Stop the flow of blood to the organs. Begins rotting of the tissues occurs gangrene.


The causative agent of this disease is a virus "Variola major or Variola minor". Almost 90% of cases, die. Today a vaccine is developed, destroying the germs of the "black pox". In the childhood every person definitely are vaccinated against this terrible disease.

The survivability of this virus is simply amazing. It can even withstand 100 degree heat. Once infected with the smallpox in the human body starts rotting bodies. If not vaccinated, death is almost inevitable.


This disease can be considered a "plague" of the 21st century. Almost every third person on earth can be a carrier stafilokokkovi sticks.

This microbe is able to live anywhere for years. Once in the human body, the bacteria begins to destroy the lungs. I must say that the wand can bein the lungs dormant, and live there very long. But it's worth it to become more active as she starts to form bubbles on the lungs and secrete pus.

For the treatment of tuberculosis was developed by a special antibiotics. But some types of sticks are resistant to these drugs. This suggests that TB bacteria have tremendous power. With them not doing antibiotics, tuberculosis infects more people.


This terrible disease has got its name from the place of its origin – Spain. The causative agent is a virus "H1N1". During the epidemic in the country was affected 40% of the population.

Samye strashnye bolezni chelovechestva v mire

From this terrible illness died a famous German scholar Max Weber, who wrote many scientific works.

On earth was infected by the Spanish flu of almost half a billion people. Approximately 70 million people infected died.

Necrotizing fasciitis

This terrible disease is very rare. But according to statistics, the disease kills approximately 75% of all cases. To avoid death, treatment is reduced to any immediate amputation of the affected limb.

Diagnose the occurrence of this disease is very difficult. The fact that first, a person is observed only fever. You can become infected only by direct contact with a carrier of the disease.


Skin diseases caused by different viruses, is widespread around the world. The most terrible skin disease leishmaniasis is considered. This disease is caused by a parasite called Leishmania. Carriers of microbes are mosquitoes and sand gnats.

The result of this terrible parasite, is the destruction of human appearance. After the bite, harmful bacteria can enter in other human organs.

Completely destroy Leishmania incredibly difficult. The parasite lives in white blood cells. Here he is actively multiplies and begins again to destroy the human skin.


This disease knows everyone. Almost every family there is a sick person. Diabetes occurs due to the reduction of insulin. This hormone is responsible for glucose transport into the cells of the body.

Diabetes is divided into two types:

  • Insulin-dependent,
  • Insulinnezawisimy.

Diabetes mellitus, regardless of its type, can cause a variety of diseases:

  • Heart attack,
  • Stroke's,
  • Diabetic retinopathy,
  • Nephropathies,
  • Ischemias,
  • Neuropathic foot.

ebola virus

About 35 years ago scientists discovered this terrible virus. Approximately 90% of all people infected with Ebola die. Quite a few days that the fever has claimed thousands of lives.

Samye strashnye bolezni chelovechestva v mire

Infection occurs only by direct contact. The virus penetrates in fluids of the human body. The outbreak of this terrible disease was observed on the African continent in 2015.

There were also documented cases in the United States and Europe. But, unfortunately, scientists have been unable to obtain a reliable vaccine against this terrible disease.

Cancer – cancer

Not a day goes by that there was another diagnosis of the index case. Today approximately 14 million people affected by this terrible disease.

The cause of this horrible disease can be very different:

  • Genetic disorder,
  • Tobacco,
  • Alcohol,
  • Poor nutrition,
  • Radiation and so on.

Cancer leads to rapid, uncontrollable, division of cells. As a result, in human organs or tissues are formed of a malignant tumor.

The danger of this disease is that its symptoms do not appear for many years. Only when the disease has reached a serious level, there are specific signs. Cancerous organs cease to function normally.

Used to treat radiotherapy. Practiced as and surgery.


This disease has another name — "the First plague of the 21st century". Transmission of the virus causing people SARS, occurs by contact.

Out of the carrier virus is able to survive for about six hours. So to be infected with SARS can and tapping any article.

At the beginning of the 21st century from this terrible disease were dying every ten infected. Outbreak of the disease was recorded in 30 countries. Only the timely cooperation of all countries, the complete isolation of China, was given the opportunity to undertake all the necessary action to prevent the spread of pneumonia.


This is the worst disease in the world, which claimed millions of lives. This single-celled parasite, is spread by the female Anopheles mosquito.

After the bite the body fall hundreds of pathogens. They settled in red blood cells carrying oxygen throughout the body, and begin to actively proliferate.

Is two days, the new parasites burst the calf and go outside. The person feels a sharp temperature rise. To cope withthis virus can stay with you a quick and correct diagnosis.

If untreated, there is a loss of kidneys, worsening cerebral circulation, the person dies.


Of course, on earth still a lot of terrible diseases. Not to become their victim, you should always comply with prevention and hygiene. No need to delay treatment, the consequences can be irreversible.