Treatment of trichomoniasis in women

Trichomoniasis is a common infection among sexually transmitted diseases. Y men and women, though the fairer sex is more common, because they regularly go to the doctor, and the symptoms are pronounced. In men, the disease is in most cases asymptomatic. They are carriers of the pathogen and can pass it on to a partner. This infection is very dangerous and its disregard can lead to tragic consequences.
Causes the disease vaginal Trichomonas, the simplest organism, class of flagellates. It has a pear shape and can live in anaerobic conditions, i.e. without air. Develops in the vagina, cervical canal, urethra, cervical canal. Every year in the world recorded up to 170 million cases. The disease causes unpleasant symptoms and may develop chronic complications.

How is the infection?

Most often, the infection 90% of cases occur after unprotected sexual contact with patients. Oral-vaginal, anal, and anal-vaginal sex. It should be noted that Trichomonas are of three types: those living in the mouth, stomach and vagina. Parasites caught from the oral cavity into the urethra or vagina do not survive and die. There are cases of domestic infection. This occurs in girls after the use of sponges, washcloths, towels, which left the allocation of adults. Urogenital anaerobes can live another hour or two outside the body. They are delivered to the baby from an infected mother during childbirth. While the fruit is in the stomach it is protected from their penetration. In any case, the incubation period lasts up to 4 or 5 days, not to notice his signs is impossible.


The most common symptoms can be:

  • abnormal foamy discharge, the volume increase, the color becomes yellow due to the presence in the mucus of a huge number of white blood cells,
  • whites have an unpleasant smell, if there is the smell of fish, it can be gardnerellosis,
  • burning and itching of the perineum,redness of the vulva and the formation of erosions and ulcers,
  • cramps when urinating,
  • increased body temperature,
  • discomfort during intercourse with bloody marks on linen,

When injected into the urinary path protozoa cause several types of diseases. For example, trichomoniasis in women is the occurrence of vaginitis. The vaginitis is the inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. Accompanied by a burning sensation of the labia, pus discharge, pain during coitus and perineal. Acute vulvitis inflammation of the vulva, has a pronounced swelling of the labia, redness, ulceration on the surface, the appearance of crusts and inflammation of the groin. Urethritis infection is frequent among girls because of the specific structure of the channel, which is wide and short, simple easily fall back and begin to actively proliferate. It can also happen at an acute colpitis, has minor redness and discomfort, accompanied by yellow discharge during acute exacerbations.

Endocervicitis, in this case, the microbes hit the cervix and cervical canal, causing a selection of pathological whiter when viewed doctor the cervix will bleed when in contact with a viewing mirror.
Signs of chronic trichomoniasis are all of the above symptoms in a mild form. In addition to cure this stage becomes more difficult. Even the correct therapy is not a guarantee against recurrence. They can be caused by menstruation, during which changes the ph of the vaginal environment becomes more aggressive and it becomes vulnerable to Trichomonas. The lack of observance of norms and rules personal hygiene, promiscuous sex, ovarian hypofunction.

Running a form of trichomoniasis leads to endometritis and salpingitis. In the first case, the affected mucosa of the uterus. There is a high temperature up to 39 degrees, heaviness and pain in the lower abdomen, spotting, failure of the menstrual cycle, unhealthy selections. In the case of salpingitis causes inflammation in the acute form the fallopian tubes. Temperature rises to 39 degrees, discharge with pus from the uterus, constipation, frequent urination, uterine bleeding.


Delayed treatment of trichomoniasis in women and no access to a doctor could lead to:

  • occurrence of infertility,
  • inflammation of the uterus,sexual disorders such as frigidity, anorgasmia,
  • pregnancy complications, miscarriage, discharge of water well before delivery,
  • cervical cancer,


To determine the infection take the necessary tests. It can be smears on routine examination, or the seeding culture, the material is applied tospecial nutrient medium with the antibiotic susceptibility and PCR. The detection of pathogenic microorganisms is chosen the correct treatment, taking into account all characteristics of the flow of sexually transmitted infection. Treated will have both partners, even if the second is not observed clinical picture, in order to avoid re infection.


To achieve a positive effect of the applied complex therapy, which includes medications. They have an active effect against anaerobic bacteria, and vaginal suppositories. It is necessary to observe some rules at the time of therapy. Requires pelvic rest, you should limit the consumption of spicy food, give up alcohol. Medications are assigned a specialist occupation with self is unacceptable.

In the treatment of trichomoniasis in women drugs based on Metronidazole or similar drugs Trichopolum, Ornidazole, Tinidazole, has acquired a wide practice. Drugs Klion D, Macmiror, Nitazol are expensive, but also effective. It is worth noting that the result will depend on the application in conjunction with intravaginal agents. There are several schemes of the drug. For example, Metronidazole applied twice a day, morning and evening, for seven days, or ten. Ornidazole is prescribed twice a day for 5 days. It permitted pregnant women are strictly under the supervision of a physician, but is contraindicated in persons with disorders of the Central nervous system. It is compatible with alcohol. For intravaginal treatment prescribed means in the form of candles, vaginal tablets or gel. Such as Betadine or Terginan write on 7,10 days, depends on the degree of infection. Candles it is better to apply before the appearance of menstruation or delay treatment if they went after resume. After graduating from the medicinal methods of giving up control tests, 1 time per week for three months.

In the chronic form, in addition to all assigned immunostimulatory drugs, vitamins, and supplements. If there are relapses is added injectable vaccine Solko, Cryovac. The tool prevents the development of protozoa, helps produce the protective barrier in the vagina against bacteria. It is proved that this technique has a positive effect only with taking antitrichomonas funds. Promotes the production of antibodies that block malicious agents and restore the protective microflora. To eliminate the disease hospitalization is required. To fix it house, and only performing all the recommendations and prescription of a specialist venereologist.

The elimination of the disease during pregnancy

From the above article we learned how to treat the disease trichomoniasis in women, below is a look at treatment during pregnancy. In this stage, the disease is very dangerous. It might be the threat of miscarriage, premature birth of a child. But this does not happen often, because time is diagnostics and full control by obstetricians for pregnant. In the first trimester in the emergency room cleaned the vagina from harmful flora with the help of potassium permanganate. Second trimester use of vaginal suppositories with metronidazole. Oral added Ornidazole, Tinidazole, Artisan. A feature of this treatment is the elimination of harm to the fetus. It is therefore important to carry out therapy after the first trimester, when the embryo is sufficiently formed, and nothing threatening. At the end of the week being analyzed. During this time also excluded sexual life, the elimination of factors which reduce the immune system.

Traditional methods

Trichomoniasis in women treatment you can try douching with a bow. He also, as garlic has antibacterial properties. For this one large onion, grate on a fine grater. Juice squeeze through cheesecloth, diluted in 1.5 liters of warm boiled water and to recruit an enema. Conduct douching once a day, in the evening. You will need two or three treatments, for a complete wash-out from the vagina.


Disease is better to prevent than to treat complications. The observance of such precautions will protect Your health.

  • a permanent and proven sexual partner,
  • the use of contraceptives (condom) before each act of intercourse,
  • use only your own towels, sponges, washcloths,
  • commissioning tests and inspection at least once a year,

If all had happened an emergency, unprotected intercourse. There is a certain time interval to the development of the disease. It lasts an hour or two. During this time, you need prevention. If it is held, the risk is reduced to a minimum. You need to carefully wash the bodies with water and soap. In this case it is possible to receive suppositories of Betadine or Hexicon. Betadine candles on the basis of iodine is active against fungi, viruses, chlamydia, protozoa, even against the tubercle Bacillus. Hexicon is active against many harmful microorganisms. Drugs that help to treat trichomoniasis in women and other diseases are produced in the form of powder, tablets or candles. For irrigation of the vagina will fit perfectly, with the nozzle 5 ml of the solution was injected inside. External genitals should be treated with antiseptic chlorhexidine or the same Miramistina. Perhaps douching with potassium only important to observe the dosage in order not to burn the mucous. Abuse is still not worth it, it's notis the main method of protection from STDs.

Don't forget to pass tests, maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain faithful to their partners!