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Allocation in women How to treat separation women the doctors

We all know that female and male organisms these are two huge opposites. The body of each sex is endowed with its powers, structure, and capabilities. No wonder the female body is designed to bear and give birth to the child, and the male body is endowed with strength and endurance for the production of food.

Undoubtedly, the most important difference of women from men – the birth of a child. The entire inner body and its structure is fully established and is aimed at the nurturing of the child. Although the endurance of the woman's body far below, in the production of offspring, the woman is ready to bear any difficulties.

Women are more emotional, it's just the inherent nature. The reproductive instinct and the highest degree of femininity comes to 35-40 years and the body of the fairer sex feels a special attraction to men.

Abilities and characteristics of women

A woman characterized by grace and elegance, she immediately attracts the eye and stands out from the crowd.

Women are more ready to focus, relaxation and tolerance of difficult conditions. Girls with education are more inclined to languages and the Humanities. They better paint, sculpt and dance. But the woman only increases its beauty and personal care. The girls improved concentration.

Woman softer and softer perceives the surrounding, external environment. It is more emotional and influenced by words more than actions, she loves her ears and her inner state, emotional strip and the degree of excitation depends on the man.

Another feature is the stress. The weaker sex is very receptive in nature and negative impact very strong impact on hormonal balance and the internal state of women. Because of this can lose menstrual cycle and even disrupt the function of conception.

Hormonal system of the weaker sex

Any emotional outburst in the form of love, anger, kindness, hatred, happiness or sex greatly affects the hormonal system of any person, but especially for women.

Hormones affect everything: growth, weight, condition of hair, nails and skin. With the development and the evolution of civilization, man has changed very much, but the internal secretion will not change anything. It is a complex system that is not subject to any change, but reacts strongly to external factors.

Hormones can vary, hence comes the stress and moodiness.

Hormones are the biological active substances, which secretes the body with female secretion. Their function is regulation of the body.

Scientists at the time, science could recognize many features and functions of the body, and learned to understand what hormone the body, which function is responsible.

Thus, developing a hormonal pill, oral contraceptives, which can regulate the internal state of the secretions of the body and to change its functionality.

As there are many external factors that can alter hormonal balance:

  1. stress is very much upsetting the system and worsen the condition of the body,
  2. excessive diet reduces the intake of necessary substances and microelements, at a time when the body needs them,
  3. work night shifts, frequent changes in work schedule and change of time zones affect the human condition,
  4. excessive sports and exercise stop the production of certain hormones, and the male part begins to dominate over the female,
  5. greatly damaged ecology and the presence of parasites in the body affects hormonal background.

Female hormones and their importance

The female body is endowed with certain hormones, which in men was missing. Each of them is responsible for its function, affect the error a lot of factors, even those that were migrated in childhood: SARS, INFLUENZA and other infectious diseases.

There are basic types of hormones that regulate the leading functions in the human body.

Dramatic changes in these hormones occur in several periods of a woman's life: puberty, pregnancy and even abortion, and menopause is the final stage.

Progesterone — the pregnancy hormone. It prepares the inner layer of the uterus for possible implantation of an embryo, stops the menstruation cycle and prevents uterine contractions for the favourable development of the fetus.

Estrogen stimulates the maturation of eggs before menstruation. Under his influence, and occurs blood the allocation together with the eggs.

Luteinizing hormone like controls the operation of the above mentioned hormones and to monitor proper work of the sex glands.

Each of these hormones is very important and the slightest change is immediately demonstrated through the behavior and status of women.Therefore, their norm should be regularly monitored and maintained.

The normal female secretions

In addition to mood disorders on the basis of a hormonal background, a woman experiences the same external selection. Woman's vagina is a very active organ that is constantly engaged in the exchange of substances and secretions cleanses the body from all the excess.

Secretions women face constantly and daily, but some of them are the norm and are perceived by the woman quietly, and with the appearance of the other is to sound the alarm.

A selection that has a sour smell, unusual texture and changed color indicative of an infection or disease of the internal secretion of the female body.

Any change embarrassing a woman should give her on a visit to the gynecologist to check for abnormalities and outcome of the disease.

When the secretions do not always need treatment, and there are rules, which do not need to worry: the selection of a transparent color, you do not have a pronounced smell, they are not particularly abundant. Such allocation may from time to time disturb the woman, but do not worry about your health.

Colorless mucus released by glands located in the cervix and its function of cleansing of women's ways they sterilize the vagina and prevent the ingress of bacteria that would be considered not the norm their absence, so make it it should be easy.

Precise amounts of the secretions one can not be established, but they should not bring discomfort. The amount varies and depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle. There are some factors that alter the abundance of selection: sexual arousal, extreme fatigue, sharp change of climate.

Other types of secretions

In addition to the normal discharge, there are others who have already showed disruptions in the rhythms. Such symptoms speak about the female secretion. If a woman finds on lingerie blood clot allocated outside of the menstruation, it says deviations.

Such allocation should move smoothly into the flow and then stop. Most often it occurs in women, which protects the spiral method, or when use of oral contraceptives. If the discharge last for 1-2 months, strongly do not need to worry, with a long period by a gynecologist can reveal a serious pathology.

If you have yellowish discharge with an unpleasant odor, this may indicate infection of sexually transmitted infection: gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, thrush and others. In this case, an urgent need for tests and to start treatment yourself and your partner. But there is also the possibility that the woman in the position, and then such allocation is considered the norm, if her health is not degraded.

In infectious disease appears sour smelling discharge in women and a thick, cheesy consistency. Foul smelling discharge in women speak about prosperity life harmful microorganisms present in the vagina. They live and eat, excreting acidic or even rotten smell. Discharge with odor necessarily require a visit to the gynecologist, in order to prescribe treatment.

Particularly attentive to a woman need to be during pregnancy, visit a gynecologist and to monitor the discharge, in each trimester, they may differ slightly in appearance and consistency. The appearance of blood discharge a woman in the position, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Methods of normalization of the vaginal microflora

With the appearance of unpleasant symptoms in the female body, begins anxiety and excitement.

Should we worry about? And how to treat unpleasant discharge?

A lot of women with the appearance of unpleasant symptoms have a treatment themselves, while not having medical education and concepts that you can not cure the infection, only to cause the body harm.

The modern woman does not always have the time to go to the hospital, but before you assign yourself the treatment should at least read the information and pass an online test to determine the disease.

In the case of treatment in the hospital, the attending doctor will prescribe passing tests for hormones and PAP smears. In order to avoid re-occurrence of the parasite treated, you will need to observe hygiene, wash at least 2 times a day and regularly change sheets. Underwear should be made of natural fabrics and fit tightly to the body.

Big role in the microflora of the food, should be excluded from the diet of sunflower seeds, too much fat, fried and smoked food. More to implement in your diet vegetables, fruits and dairy products, to maintain level of acidity in the body. For the prevention treatment it is possible to have an occasional douche with a special solution, they sterilize the vagina and prevent infections and bacteria.

And yet, at the first symptoms of any infection, the woman should be referred to a specialist for inspection and testing. In self to do sometimes is not just useless, but even dangerous. Take care of yourself and your delicate feminine body.