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Of Gardnerella in men (gardnerella) Symptoms and effective treatments

As you know, every human body is home to a large variety of bacteria. Most of those in the gut and in the genital area. These organisms are beneficial, harmful, and opportunistic. It is to of opportunistic is the bacterium Gardnerella vaginalis. Now men often experience because of her health problems. But in their bodies the presence of this species and is not provided. Of Gardnerella – a purely "women's bacterium." It is part of the women's microflora. Opportunistic it is called because normal is only limited to its content in the genital area. If for some reason it is the number of women exceeds the norm – gets the development imbalance of the microflora and appears bacterial vaginosis.

It would seem that men all should not worry, because Gardnerella "not found" in the male body. However, nothing prevents her to get there. But as it can penetrate into the male genital organs? Of course, during sexual intercourse. In the process of sex Gardnerella can get to the penis and in the urethra, especially if the number of these bacteria have girls higher than normal.

Signs and symptoms of gardnerellosis men

After getting into the male body Gardnerella may behave differently. A lot of guys do not even suspect that in their genitourinary system "visited" the micro-organism. The fact that very often the bacterium does not linger in the male body. She usually leaves him within two to three days after intercourse. But even if it remains for a longer period, it often does not cause any discomfort. So questions about how to treat it, simply does not arise. However, if there is the slightest suspicion on the Gardnerella is a reason to see a specialist. First, being a native of this infection you can pass it on to the partner. If your partner already treated for this disease – the treatment simply will not bring the desired effect in that case if you do not get rid of bacteria. After all, with each act of intercourse it will be to get back into the body of the girl. Secondly, why "carry" with you this microorganism? Indeed, under some conditions it can cause very unpleasant complications, to get rid of which will be much harder.

Most often, the signs and symptoms of gardnerellosis men appear in those cases when the representatives of the stronger sex have weakened immune systems. If the body is strong, it is usually easily "throws" the intruder away from the urinary system. If immunity is reduced, the body has no time to deal with such issues: he needs to deal with more important issues. And the result of the Gardnerella vaginalis freely begins to multiply. And in a short time the owner notices the first signs of that. Usually this trouble makes itself felt after a week or two after infection.

Often of Gardnerella in men is manifested rather poorly. However, there are symptoms that should alert. Chief among them is the appearance of the discharge from the urethra. Any abnormal discharge with urination in any case requiring treatment to the doctor. If they have a greenish color and exude a fishy smell – should be tested for Gardnerella. Otherwise, complications can develop very quickly, and will require a more lengthy and costly, and more unpleasant treatment. If you have only the highlight is evidence of a slow inflammation of the urethra. But to delay treatment to the doctor still should not be.

Gardnerellosis in men and its complications

If not treated gardnerellosis, often, there are two main complications. First – balanoposthitis or inflammation of the glans penis. Its symptoms are small sores, redness, a mild selection. If the symptoms are not very obvious, the patient may not notice the problem. But if you found them – let the doctor will examine you and will prescribe the necessary medications.

The second common complication Gardnerella – urethritis. It is typically expressed in burning and pain when urinating. Sometimes urination becomes frequent and painful. But often this disease occurs in a latent, indolent form. And this is not good, because in advanced cases harmless, at first glance, the bacterium can cause prostatitis, cystitis and pyelonephritis. And these diseases are treated much more difficult. So if something tells you that by all indications you have in the body of Gardnerella settled in the form in which it happens in men, its treatment should begin immediately.

Gardnerella and its treatment

If the nuisance arose from the fair sex, to treat the disease, it will have a rather long and unpleasant. The fact is that ladies most often prescribed serious drugs. For the treatment of Gardnerella in women using antibiotics. Onlythis case, we can normalize its amount in the body.
Fortunately, the Gardnerella in men not only causes has more fun than the girls (sexual intercourse unpleasant affair will not name), but treated much easier. Most guys appoint local agents. Very often, doctors recommend them gel "Metrogyl". It is effective and very easy to use. The same can be said about the gel "Dalacin". This tool is also used very often. The course of treatment is usually one or two weeks.

After the course, the patient needs to be tested to find out if there are any in his urinary system of harmful bacteria. This analysis is very simple and consists of a swab of the urethra. After examining him, the specialist will be able to know whether my anti gardnerellas. If the treatment was successful for both partners, they can have sex again and return to normal life. Otherwise, you need to heal. If this man can prescribe a course of antibiotics. Fear not to be. You need to completely "expel" Gardnerella from your body.

It should be noted that the treatment of Gardnerella requires not only the use prescribed by a doctor of drugs, but also observance of a certain mode, which includes a number of limitations. So, in particular, it is necessary to minimize consumption of sweets. The fact that Gardnerella just "liked" the glucose. For this reason, at the time of treatment to abandon its containing products. Should not be during the course to take and alcoholic beverages, and also to include in your diet a smoked and spicy food. In this period also need to avoid emotional stress and limited physical activity. In addition, during treatment you should not have sex.

Gardnerella and its prevention

So, with the question of how to treat the Gardnerella, we understand. Left to know how to make it so that it does not might arise. Here everything is quite simple. You already know that this bacterium often brings trouble to the guys whose immunity is weakened. So, your task – to raise it to the maximum. This is very useful for other reasons, as the higher the immunity the less likely to develop any disease. Casual sex is also undesirable. If you are unable to do without them – use condoms.