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Trichomoniasis — Symptoms and treatment of trichomoniasis, experts

In the primary stages of the disease, number of infectious organism infections, including sexually transmitted diseases, have the opportunity to accelerate the treatment. It depends on the level of infestation and stage of detection.
Trihomoniaz — Simptomy i lechenie trihomoniaza, mnenie ekspertov

In the case when the external, visible signs of the disease yet, but clinical studies have revealed harmful microorganisms, it is possible to eliminate the problem at its embryonic stage, not allowing the disease to hurt the human body.

It should be remembered that were not detected in time infection can become chronic, which involve a complications and more damage to health, in the form of a lowering of the immune system, infertility, cancer, etc.

Infectious disease in this case is a Prime position because of its rapid spread, flow and impact on the human body.

One such disease is trichomoniasis

The causative agent is the bacterium Trichomonas-specific classification to the Trichomonadida. This single-celled bacterium.

Timely detection of the infection, the assigned treatment regimen and the implementation of a number of doctors and are an effective treatment of trichomoniasis. In this case the treatment of trichomoniasis also does not take a long time.

Depending on the type of infection, localization of bacteria, forms of the disease, there are several subtypes of the disease:

Oral — may cause during oral sex affects the oral cavity and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Is determined by taking a smear of the larynx and clinical blood tests. Method of treatment as with other types of trichomoniasis.

Intestinal — location of bacteria in the intestines and colon. Infection by eating foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates.

The first signs of intestinal upset, diarrhoea, pain in the abdomen, colic. In addition to specific treatment of trichomoniasis drugs used for restoration of microflora of intestines, pain.

Vaginal (genital) is passed on during sexual intercourse. Has specific symptoms-irritation and itching of the genitals, pain when urinating, etc.

Urogenital — sexually transmitted or in a domestic environment, it affects the urethra, the urinary organs, accompanied by inflammation of the bladder, cystitis and urethritis.

During treatment, in addition to protivotrihomonadnyh drugs used painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs for genito-urinary organs.

Main symptoms of the disease in all types of trichomoniasis

While on the surface of mucosal sites of sexual organs, respiratory organs, intestines, etc. the infection begins the origin of the inflammatory process.

Most popular redness, severe itching, the formation of little sores, rashes, the appearance of pain when urinating, discomfort and pain during intercourse, burning.

Men sometimes inflammation of the glans penis, small rash on the genital skin. In the initial stages of the disease, in both sexes, there are often purulent, frothy discharge, with an unpleasant specific odor.

To the affected area of the male half of the population is comprised of the head of the penis the testes, prostate gland, bladder and renal pelvis.

To the field of organ damage in the female half of the population are the vagina and the wall, ovaries, tubes and uterus.

As a result of a continuing or chronic disease, with a large coverage of parasites of the urinary system can be diagnosed diseases such as erectile dysfunction, cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, complications of pregnancy, injury of the fetus, premature birth, infertility, inflammation of the appendages, increased formation of cysts, blocked tubes, endometriosis, etc.


The main type of clinical research for the detection of trichomoniasis is a blood test for laboratory testing.

Smear from the urethra, in women, a study of the microflora of the vagina in addition.


The patient is prescribed a course of treatment consisting of antimicrobials, antibiotics.

Additionally, we question the treatment of diseases of the urogenital system resulting from infection with trichomoniasis. Also douching, baths, candles.


Regular research on the detection of urogenital infections analyses. A visit to the physician, urine and blood for the possible presence of inflammatory processes in the body and deterioration.

Permanently protected sex with partners using condoms. Reinforced hygiene measures, especially before and after intercourse. The lack of promiscuity, the stranger, random sexual partners, intercourse during menstruation and colds.

When eating, wash fruits and vegetables, eat only fresh foods properly stored, observe shelf life and use. The use of antimicrobial agents, hand washing, time to conduct hygienic procedures. For example, before and after meals.

Do not use other people's hygiene, especially in public places (saunas, pools, spas), to treat genital mucosa after unprotected sex anti-infective drugs.

The detection of infection, proper and full examination of the treatment of both partners to avoid reinfection and spread of disease.

Depending on the infection, its classification and symptoms to successful diagnosis of trichomoniasis, there are the following methods: PCR, ELISA (ELISA), bacteriological (tank) culture, urinalysis, and blood, fecal, cytological analysis.

Conducted this kind of research in diagnostic centers, medical institutions, clinics, hospitals, etc. the material is performed by a doctor under sterile conditions. The time of diagnosis is from 2 hours to 3 days, depending on the assigned research.

Medication for the treatment of trichomoniasis:

CIVPOL — released in liquid form, is used as an antimicrobial drug for the exposure to Trichomonas.

Furazolidone — is released in solid form (powder, tablet or granular). Kills bacteria the vaginal, intestinal, in the area of the mucosa of the larynx and oral cavity. Ingestion, gargling, douching, etc.

Fasigyn — released in solid form into tablets. Helps stop the further course of the infection, relieves the primary symptoms of the inflammatory process.

Metronidazole almost always lies at the basis of the scheme of medical treatment of trichomoniasis. Released in different forms — liquid solutions, suppositories, tablets, solutions for injections and infusions, capsules. Antiprotozoal and antimicrobial drug that prevents the development of diseases, the propagation of infection.

Lyutenurin a medicine based on plants and organic substances. Sold both in liquid and in solid form. Affects the infection by killing microorganisms and helping to stop further development of disease.

Chlorhexidine is released in liquid form as a solution for the treatment of mucous membrane, relieving itching and stop the growth of bacteria.

To treat infection, like trichomoniasis, use of immunomodulating drugs, vitamin complexes, restoring the protective functions of the body.

The popular treatment

In coordination with the doctor, wondering how to treat trichomoniasis you can use traditional medicines.

For example, to douche and take a bath from a decoction of herbs of chamomile, mother and stepmother, the stems of celandine, calendula flowers.

They have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

All of these drugs do not have an exhaustive list. There are domestic counterparts, as well as medication manufacturers. Each patient, in consultation with the doctor can choose an acceptable pricing drug.

How to be treated

When treatment is prescribed, the course are both sexual partner, even if one of them the infection is not diagnosed. To eliminate the possibility of infection of trichomoniasis, and treatment of the disease in the future.

Strictly forbidden unprotected sex acts during the period of treatment partners. At this time, it is recommended to pay special attention to personal hygiene.

Is strictly prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages during the course of treatment. They are not compatible with a number of drugs, the underlying treatment.

In particular antibiotci and metronidazole, causing the combination of negative consequences.

Reception, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases are specialists such as internist, infectious disease specialist, immunologist, ENT, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, urologist, proctologist. At the reception, the doctor prescribes the necessary tests and laboratory tests, makes a diagnosis and prescribes treatment.

The entire course of treatment disease trichomoniasis is accompanied by a doctor's supervision, which further, depending on the result, may adjust the treatment regimen.

Lasts diagnosis and treatment from 30 to 90 days. Then maybe in a second time repetition, if the exit unsatisfactory results.

Procedures, injections and IV drips, the doctor's appointment, are conducted on an outpatient basis, in day hospital.

The main incubation period of trichomoniasis fourteen days. Then they start to show signs of the disease, the activity of bacterial growth.Diagnosis and treatment is especially effective.

The possibility of infecting a sexual partner at this point is also very high. Further, the disease may acquire a chronic form, going from the acute period. During this period the disease is poorly diagnosed, little.

During chronic trichomoniasis, the disease lasts for more than 2 months until diagnosis and treatment. Can gradually affect the internal organs of the urogenital system, bringing minimal discomfort. And if the patient does not have the habit to regularly examine your body, infection can live up to the moment of identification, in person.

Chronic leakage may be accompanied by times when the disease takes a temporary activity. This will often contribute to other inflammatory processes that weaken the immune system. To transmit the infection to another person is possible at any of this time.

Is strictly prohibited self-diagnosis and treatment course. This is a serious enough disease that are determined by laboratory tests that require the appointment of a developed doctor regimens of medications and necessary medical procedures. Personal initiative may lead to deterioration to have bad consequences.

After the end of the appointed treatment of trichomoniasis , a number of repeated studies, the presence of infection in the body. Sometimes doctors decide to extend the course of treatment medications of trichomoniasis or change the complex previously assigned, due to the low efficiency.

It is important the right treatment, contributing to the complete elimination of malicious infection in the body to avoid illness.

Treatment during pregnancy

In the presence of the disease in women after the birth of pregnancy, can occur in utero course of infection. As a result, you may be infected and the fetus, especially during the passage through the birth canal, in contact with the vaginal mucosa and the genital organs.

The consequences of such infection — immune disease, weak body, infection of the mucous membranes, the eyes of a child.

To prevent such things during planning pregnancy, the woman and her partner are examined for trichomoniasis.

In case of detection is assigned to a course and patient cure. And only after repeated studies with positive results, talking about eliminating the disease, plan a pregnancy. But if timely measures were not taken and the infection is diagnosed during pregnancy, the doctor prescribes treatment.

Treatment regimen from the standard situation is different, taking into account the presence of the fetus. Medicines are assigned in the safety of pregnancy, and the absence of negative effects on the fetus.

The presence in utero of the developing trichomoniasis may be the cause of missed abortion, early abortion, not developing pregnancy.

Delayed treatment of the disease trichomoniasis can carry disastrous consequences for the body, disrupting the reproductive function of both men and women, lowering the immune system, weakening the body, increasing susceptibility to infection infections. That's why it is very important for timely diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this disease. A special attitude towards their health and sexual partner.

Environmentally friendly and safe sexual behaviour, the care in selecting sexual partners, attention to the changes in your own body.

Compliance with doctor's appointments, preventive actions to cure the disease to end.