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Infections of the genitourinary system in women treatment

Infekcii mochepolovoj sistemy u zhenshin lechenie

Genito-urinary system women, as well as many other system of the body, may be exposed to various infections. Urinary infection may cause quite a lot of different problems due to the fact that the system consists of the genital and urinary organs. Knowing what infection and how can be transmitted and ways of treatment and prevention will eliminate the likelihood of big health problems. If you experience inflammation at the cause of the infection should conduct a quick treatment, since otherwise, the probability of occurrence of complications, which can treat much more complicated than the very cause of their occurrence.

Features of the female body

When considering the urinary system women, it should be noted that the main difference from the male is in length and function of the urethra. In women the urethra may have a length of O3 to 5 cm, in men at rest, reaches 20 inches. Herewith:

  1. In women the system is designed to drain urine.
  2. In men, the urinary system is also responsible for the release of sperm.

The above determine that the inflammatory process in women is much more common than in men.

The above information determines that the infection is the genitourinary system in women often causes inflammation in the body. Deviations can be urological, gynecological: both groups are dangerous enough for all women. You should consider the point that inflammatory processes not only lead to malfunction of the urinary system, but also to ectopic pregnancy or infertility. Why it is important to spend time research, which involves the identification of the disease in women at the initial stage of development.

Emerging diseases

Often a urinary tract infection develop gradually. If in time the woman did not notice the symptoms, i.e. the probability of transition of the inflammatory process in the chronic form of the disease, after which problems can arise periodically and brings a lot of problems and discomfort.

Infections of the genitourinary system, for women can cause the following pathologies:

  1. Syphilis, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis are the most frequent diseases that you might encounter after the occurrence of the inflammatory process.
  2. Thrush – a problem frequently encountered by women.
  3. Mycoplasmosis, chlamydiosis.
  4. Herpes, tuberculosis, which can also cause a lot of problems.

    Infekcii mochepolovoj sistemy u zhenshin lechenie

Certain circumstances can lead to the provocation of the inflammatory process which will lead to the formation of various pathogens, for example, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and other pathogens. Symptoms can depend on where is located the pathogens. An example can be called that, with the introduction of bacteria into the vagina, is the inflammation of the mucous membrane. As a result, developing vaginitis. If the germs take up residence in the urethra, then develops urethritis.

If the inflammatory process develops in the bladder, there is a disease, which is called cystitis. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus is called endometritis.

The above points define what a urinary tract infection in women causes of many diseases. That is why it is time to visit a doctor for examination. Some drugs can significantly reduce the manifestation of symptoms.

Symptoms of the passage of inflammatory processes

The symptoms that occur during the development of the inflammatory process, can manifest itself in different ways. Note that the organs of the female reproductive and urinary system is located nearby, as well as interact with each other. If you experience inflammation in one place, it can spread to other organs. Treatment of infections of the genitourinary system excludes the probability of spread of the disease.

Infekcii mochepolovoj sistemy u zhenshin lechenie

Often women suffer from cystitis that is associated with the location of the urethra close to the anus and the vagina. This moment determines the ingress of bacteria into the bladder.

Good hygiene eliminates the likelihood that the bladder will not suffer from infection. In the case of sexual intercourse can also occur infection of the urinary organs.

When considering symptoms should allocatethe following points:

  1. Urethritis occurs much less frequently than, for example, cystitis. This is because the urethra is short in length. Even if the infection enters the channel, it quickly washed away. Also note the time that a urine test will not indicate the presence of infection in the body.
  2. Cystitis has the following symptoms: severe sharp pain and burning arise when you visit the "powder room". In some cases urination is false. Also in the suprapubic area, there is a feeling of discomfort. Cystitis may manifest fever or lethargy, fatigue.
  3. If time does not provide treatment of urinary infections, which is called cystitis, this disease can lead to pyelonephritis. Cystitis is really starting to hurt the back and there is pain in the lower abdomen, there is a strong feeling of nausea, there is the gag reflex.

Turning to the doctor, the woman needs to carefully describe the manifestation of symptoms. That is why every woman should pay attention to the changes in the body condition.

The initial task of the doctor who will carry out the treatment, you can call the definition of the pathogen. For infections of various types are special studies that are in the collection, analysis and research. The most popular methods of research can be called:

  1. The urine collection and research. The time that the infection settles in the urinary system, defines the appearance of the virus in the urine.
  2. Also takes a swab of the vagina and urethra.
  3. Is the procedure that is called bacterial analysis.

To identify a more serious pathologies are also under examination of the bladder using a special probe. To do this, the hospital must have special equipment that allows to conduct such a survey.

Another contemporary method of research can be called ultrasound. It allows you to display the status of the internal organs on the monitor screen. Modern examination method can be called magnetic resonance imaging or x-ray diagnostics.

In General we can say that there are many methods of diagnosis that allow to correctly assign treatment. To conduct a modern survey at the hospital should be equipped with modern equipment.

Method of treatment

Infections of the genitourinary system in women treatment is with the use of special drugs that reduce the manifestation of symptoms of the inflammatory process. Example would be the drugs that belong to the group of antibiotics. You should consider the point that on their own not to appoint a antibiotics. The doctor not only specifies the type of required medication but also the frequency of intake, dose, and other important points. To violate the prescribed treatment is not as complete a course of treatment before the deadline, even in the absence of symptoms.

If it is wrong to take prescribed antibiotics before the deadline to complete the course, then maybe the body can be brought quite a lot of damage. By incomplete course of treatment the pathogens are not completely destroyed, after some time, viruses are becoming resistant to previously used drugs. Upon the occurrence of the next active phase of the disease has been prescribed antibiotics will have little effect, and after some time, the disease will become chronic. In chronic course of disease the symptoms will appear periodically.

In addition to antibiotics may also prescribe medication that would significantly strengthen the immune system. They are often expressed with vitamins and beneficial trace elements that have an impact on the immune system. You should consider the following points:

  1. Immunity is a protective mechanism of the body. The increase in temperature and the appearance of other symptoms can indicate that the body is fighting bacteria and infection that got into the body.
  2. In contact with the virus in the body, the immunity is weakened, then can worsen other chronic diseases.
  3. The more time the treatment is not carried out, the stronger weakens the immune system. As a result, the body becomes more vulnerable to other infections. Therefore, it is likely the development of other diseases.

Many drugs have a complex effect on the body. Urogenital method of transmission of the virus can bring a lot of problems, but if the body has a strong immunity, the pathogen can not infect the cells.

In addition to medication, doctors also recommend to adhere to certain diets. Examples would include recommendations on limiting the intake of spicy foods, abundant fluid intake. Usually, the day should drink at least 2 liters. In recent years, increasingly used traditional methods to help medicinal treatment to ease the symptoms. However, you should first agree on the use of traditional methods with your doctor.


As a rule, it is easier to avoid disease than to cure the problem. Also, once infected, you should follow certain rules that allow you to exclude the likelihood of relapse. You should consider the following points:

  1. It is impossible to prevent a stronghypothermia. Used linen must not pinch the genitals, and also be comfortable. It is recommended to purchase underwear, which is made exclusively from natural materials. Synthetic versions can hurt.
  2. If you use sanitary pads, then you should consider the dates recommended by the manufacturers.
  3. You should observe personal hygiene.
  4. In order to prevent the spread of infection before having sex you should urinate.
  5. Moderate exercise allows you to exclude the probability of injury of the organs of the urinary system of the body. You also can not stay too long in the workplace.

    Infekcii mochepolovoj sistemy u zhenshin lechenie
    You need diet food. Examples would include recommendations on limiting the intake of spicy foods, abundant fluid intake to 2 liters a day

At the first sign of symptoms should visit a doctors. As in many other cases, the earlier start treatment, the more effective it will be. The most difficult to cope with the complications that arise as a result of the lack of treatment for any infection in the body.