The E. coli e coli hemolytic treatment

Quite a lot of problems occurs in humans after the ingestion of Escherichia coli. Hemolytic E coli – rod-shaped bacteria of various types, some are natural for the human body. As previously noted, there are many varieties of such bacteria, pathogenic about one hundred. It should be noted that all pathogenic variants e if combined in 4 large groups.

Esherihiya koli e coli gemoliticheskaya lechenie

Especially E coli

The problem with pathogenic Escherichia coli occur for the reason that they can long persist in water, soil, feces and other external environment. While coli can grow and multiply in foods of various types, especially in dairy products. They die only in the case of using of disinfectants: sodium hydroxide, phenol, corrosive sublimate. Consider the time that E. coli has a higher resistance to environmental effects than enterobacteria. However, direct sunlight can kill the bacteria within a few minutes, the temperature above 60 degrees Celsius is also destructive. Application of a 1% solution of carbolic acid affects the causative agent in 15 minutes.

It should highlight the point that E. coli may look different. The part has a flagellum used by bacteria for movement, others do not have flagella and the power of movement is absent.

Esherihiya koli e coli gemoliticheskaya lechenie

Diseases of the urinary organs

Escherichia coli – the causative agent of diseases that affect the genitourinary organs. With insufficient hygiene and infection bladder passes directly through the gastrointestinal tract. Also do not forget about the fact that unprotected sexual acts in many cases are the cause of the problem.

Consider the type of E. coli becomes the cause of the occurrence of the following problems:

  1. Almost 80% of cases there is an infection of the urinary tract. Is inflammatory process that causes display of a fairly large number of symptoms.
  2. Almost 80% considered the causative agent becomes a cause of chronic prostatitis.
  3. In 64% of the pathogen becomes the cause of acute prostatitis.
  4. If the patient is over 35 years, the majority of inflammatory processes in the epididymis are caused by penetration of the pathogen.
  5. The studies have shown that 70-95% of infection occurs by the ascending movement of the pathogen. It can reach the bladder, urinary tract and kidneys.

There is also the likelihood of other problems with the genitourinary organs.

Modern research methods based on the detection of bacteria in the urine, which tells about the ways inflammation, bladder and kidney. A small concentration of pathogens leads to the manifestation of symptoms only at 105 microbial bodies in 1 ml of urine leads to the appearance of serious symptoms. However, in some cases, it is likely that the bacteria even at high concentrations can cause problems. Asymptomatic bacteriuria can occur unnoticed by the patient that requires treatment.

However, in the presence of bright symptoms diagnostic threshold is significantly reduced. Thus the reason for the treatment becomes concentration of bacteria in the amount of 104 per 1 ml of urine. The symptoms can include the following:

  1. Pain in the lumbar. Note that pain can be blunt and sharp, to manifest seizures. Often such problems are associated with other diseases.
  2. Fever is the body's response to the emergence of bacteria. This significantly raises the temperature, increases the number of leukocytes in the blood.
  3. Nausea and vomiting is also characteristic for bacterial infection.
  4. Chills and dysuria.

    Esherihiya koli e coli gemoliticheskaya lechenie

Usually, the above symptoms leads to treatment. However, they are often associated with other problems, for example, viral diseases: SARS, influenza, and inflammatory processes. To kill the pathogen in various ways, often need to inject special medicines. Treatment is aimed at reduction of manifestation of symptoms and addressing the cause of the problem.


Echrishiosis is often the reason for developing hemolytic infection. For this type of infection is characteristic of the onset of fever. Often, the pathogen appears in the organs of the digestive system, less frequent in the urogenital system. Quite rare bacteria can cause sepsis. Esherihioz most often occur in childrenearly age. The pathogen is spread by the fecal-oral route.

Features of the treatment

The treatment is based on antibiotics. Lately there have been created quite a lot of drugs that can effectively combat the pathogen in the human body. Self-administration without medical supervision is not recommended. This is due to the fact that there is certain side effects. Many may lead to complications.


As in many other cases of bacterial or viral infection, it is easier to avoid the penetration of the virus into the body, rather than to conduct an effective treatment. This is due to the fact that bacteria, like a virus, multiply rapidly and settle in various body systems. To the recommendations relating to the prevention, include:

  1. Be sensitive to the choice of food. This is due to the fact that the violation of the shelf life, the bacteria begin to multiply. Violation of the best practices for storing food create the most favorable environment for breeding bacteria.
  2. Even in the case where the expiration dates and storage was not broken, the bacteria can be transmitted together with food, fruits, vegetables. So before consumption of many food products they should be carefully rinsed under clean or warm water.
  3. The next step of protecting the body from the penetration of bacteria, you can call washing your hands after using the bathroom or public places. Bacteria, unlike a virus, in most cases, transferred household method, that is, through touch.
  4. The use of antiseptics allows to remove from the surface of pathogens. Their efficiency is very large, it should be used when washing hands. Lately, there is a production of various types of antiseptics. Their cost may differ significantly as the efficiency.
  5. Antibiotics can fight bacterial pathogens. As prevention some drugs from this group are recommended to use in the event of an epidemic. When you select should pay attention to expensive drugs that produce using modern technologies to eliminate the possibility of occurrence of side effects.
Esherihiya koli e coli gemoliticheskaya lechenie

The above points should be considered in order to eliminate the possibility of bacterial contamination. However, once infected, they do not reduce the manifestation of symptoms.

In conclusion, we note that bacteria and viruses are passed from person to person and can cause serious health complications. That is why you should immediately after symptoms to visit a doctor. Studies to identify bacteria in the body, to determine the degree of damage and prescribe the most effective treatment.