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Treatment of streptococcal infection in the throat in adults

Lechenie streptokokkovoj infekcii v gorle u vzroslyh

All most likely heard of such ailments as angina, acute type of rheumatism, scarlet fever, but few people realize that all these diseases are associated with a dangerous microbe, which in medicine called Streptococcus. That's about it today and we'll talk!

For many inhabitants of our planet Staphylococcus and Streptococcus is one and the same disease, but it is a profound mistake! A person from the moment of his birth is in constant contact with the outside world. Bacteria in turn, are considered the oldest inhabitants of our planet. And people remains nothing how to come to terms with their existence. I want to note that most bacteria are even useful to humans, but there are those who are capable of inflicting severe damage to health, for example, Streptococcus green, it can be a lot of problems to human health. To cure it, you need to know some features of these bacteria.

Strep throat – is considered commonplace for many people. In this case, what types of bacteria does not happen and each type is treated differently. What is not found is Staphylococcus Streptococcus: gold can only be a staph infection, please do not be confused.

Brief description of the disease

Probably, many interested in the question: what is a strep? And it's not even a disease, and one of the most common bacteria. It can develop:

  • on household items,
  • on the skin,
  • on mucosas,
  • in digestive tract.

Streptococci there are a huge number of species. Some of them are still not fully understood. Most damaging to the respiratory tract are: alpha hemolytic Streptococcus and pneumococcus.

The first type of bacteria can destroy the plasma cells. Usually, when it comes to strep, refers to this type. The virus can cause various purulent diseases:

  1. Disease of the respiratory tract.

    Lechenie streptokokkovoj infekcii v gorle u vzroslyh

  2. Boils.
  3. Inflammation of internal organs.
  4. Sepsis.

Streptococcus pneumoniae is the main causative agent of pneumonia and sinusitis. The Streptococcus is less stable to temperature changes, thus better amenable to any kind of therapy.

Exist in nature and newemailusecase species of Streptococcus. For example, viridans strep, he inhabits the oral cavity and according to some reports causing the development of caries.

Symptom of disease

Strep throat usually manifests itself depending on razvivchemsa ailments. Usually, the infection causes a sharp rise of temperature, deterioration in General health.

Here are the most common symptoms of this infection:

  • redness in the throat,
  • swelling of the tonsils,
  • pus formation on the tonsils,
  • elevated temperature,
  • acute pain in the throat,
  • general malaise.

Throat streptococcal infection often causes severe complications, therefore treatment with antibiotics should begin as soon as I confirmed the symptoms of bacteria.

Diagnosis of the disease in the laboratory

To determine the diagnosis of infections it is necessary to conduct bacteriological and serological studies.

  1. In septic formations doing the seeding plasma.
  2. In purulent diseases take the analysis from the wounds.
  3. Do seeding with mucous.
  4. If the ulcers covered with purulent formations, its pre-cleaned with sodium chloride.

In all the above cases the doctor uses a cotton swab. It is placed in the tube and get it to the lab where it is thoroughly checked. Seeding of the plasma is carried out in a liquid medium. Blood cultures kept in the thermostat for about two months because microbial growth occurs only after 2 months. During this time periodically sowing.

Strep throat – treatment

Lechenie streptokokkovoj infekcii v gorle u vzroslyh

How to treat strep throat right, not everyone knows, and many admit blunders in the treatment of the disease emerging from the strep.

The main treatment of strep throat is considered to be the antibiotic. Additionally, the patient prescribed immunomodulators local impact.

Type of bacteria for treatment with medication does not have specialvalues. And alpha hemolytic Streptococcus treated well.

If you decide to undertake treatment at home, you will need topical antibiotics. Local type of antibiotic, usually used in bacterial infections of the nose and throat spray Bioparoks will be a very good option to cure the throat and nose. It needs to be sprayed to the throat four pressing three times a day and applied three times on two hits. The usual course of treatment with this tool is 7 days. With good results treatment this tool can be increased.

To get rid of streptococcal bacteria needed in your treatment to use the funds, part of which is penicillin:

  1. Ampicillin.
  2. Amosin.
  3. Amoxiclav.

Usually, these medications are being prescribed at five hundred milligrams three times a day before meals for the entire week. I want to emphasize that penicillin is extremely dangerous not only for the bacteria of strep, but also to the human microflora, in particular of the intestine. So after a course of this medication it is recommended to drink plenty of kefir, sour milk and milk. Simultaneous administration of probiotics, for example, Linex, but before using any medication it is best to consult with your doctor.

We must not forget that, besides the fact that it is necessary to suppress the growth of bacteria, in order to forget the troubles of strep throat, you need to hold stimulation of the immune system. Recommend the use of immunomodulator local effects, for example, IRS-19, by the way, it is possible to adopt not only children but also adults. It is completely safe, I want to note that the IRS 19 are live bacteria, so the medicine should be kept in the refrigerator so it is not corrupted. If you opened the package, the medicine can be used for 30 days, after that it becomes unusable.

If the appearance of streptococcal infection developed on the background of the disease is viral in nature, therapy, immunomodulators such as: Ingavirin or Cycloferon.

Traditional treatments

Homemade remedies can be used as complementary medicine to standard medical therapy. Antiseptic rinsing of a throat with the decoction will help to consolidate the therapeutic effect. Excellent help against bacteria in the throat homemade tincture of eucalyptus, chamomile and calendula.

In addition to its antiseptic effects, homemade cordials excellent wash bacteria from the mouth. They can easily make at home or buy in the pharmacy item is already ready!

Despite the fact that the symptoms of the virus in children and adults the same, treatment of the virus in young children is a little different from an adult. Mainly it concerns the doses of antibiotics, it needs to be significantly reduced. Immunomodulating drugs for the treatment of the baby do not use. Also it proved the Phrase, it is completely safe for children.

Features therapy during pregnancy

Pregnant girls are complex patients when it comes to infectious diseases. In General, all antibiotics in this situation are harmful, and they do not want to accept. The safest for pregnant women are macrolite: spiramycin and rovamycin.

Important stage of treatment is considered to support the immune system. To preserve the protective properties of the human body, it is recommended to drink vitamins and minerals, after a full course of therapy. It is very important that the body have the required amount of vitamin C, which is a kind of talisman against Streptococcus. Physiotherapy improves blood circulation and promotes a speedy recovery, if it is applied simultaneously physical therapy with complex treatment of antibiotics. It will be good to make KUFA the nose and throat, as the influence of ultraviolet light allows you to quickly "kill" bacteria that have settled in the throat and support the immune system.

How is Streptococcus and how to protect yourself from it

Many species of Streptococcus are representatives of the healthy microflora of man. They can cause disease only when develop where they shouldn't be. To prevent such terrible cases, it is advisable to drink antibacterial agents as prophylaxis.

In-hemolytic Streptococcus is a pathogenic microbe. It occurs in humans, which is clinically expressed infection. The microbe can go aerogenic, for example, with drops of moisture from the nose, or through any infected items. Common form of transmission is through the hands of the patient.

One touch is enough to infect humans streptococcal infection. So, the main source of transmission of bacteria is hemolytic Streptococcus transmitted from the mucosa of the nose or mouth.

Here are some measures to combat this infection:

  1. Identification of disease and early treatment with antibacterial drugs (penicillin, erythromycin).
  2. Rehabilitation of the patient, a very complex procedure, which is not always successful. Sometimes you want to remove the patient from areas of high risk for patients.

Attention! If you found that one of the household is infected with a virus of Streptococcus, it should be isolated from other family members. Immediately select for him a separate bowl for eating and a towel. Try as little as possible contact with the patient, monitor his medication and doall the doctor's orders.

Sum up

Lechenie streptokokkovoj infekcii v gorle u vzroslyh

Streptococcus, as mentioned above, the most part of its existence in the body behaves peacefully. A person is able to feel bad if his immune system is weak or after direct contact with infected Streptococcus. The most frequent diseases of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat that cause strep infection is pharyngitis, and tonsillitis.

Strep able to descend into the lower part of the respiratory tract and cause severe illness — pneumonia, so it should be very carefully refers to this disease. Treatment of streptococcal throat infection usually antibiotic. With proper and timely treatment, the infection is quickly treatable. So do not start the disease, and at the first symptoms, or suspicions it is better to turn immediately to the doctor. Of course, homemade medicine helps in many cases, but in this case it is recommended to use traditional medicine and folk remedies can be as an additional treatment, for immune support. Self-treatment is not necessary to do in view of the fact that species of the virus Staphylococcus a lot and treated all of them differently. If not properly treated, you may on the contrary worsen the situation, because it is not necessary to start treatment without a proper evaluation the doctor!