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MRSA on face treatment

Zolotistyj stafilokokk na lice lechenie

Disease-causing microorganism called Staphylococcus is often found on the face. This organism has a detrimental effect on the human body. The staph appears quite a large number of diseases, as regard the name of the agent collective. Despite the rather large group of microorganisms, the greatest danger lies in Staphylococcus aureus. Its appearance on the skin leads to the development of quite serious diseases. After contact with skin bacteria begin to actively proliferate, and the usual means of control in this case does not allow for effective treatment. The present study shows that the microorganism is able to survive in the dried state for six months. Microbe will not react to UV light and low temperatures, to protect themselves when exposed to the environment it secretes a special substance that is extremely toxic and can damage all layers of the skin. Staph infections manifest in different people in different ways. This is how the infection what is the status of the immune system and many other aspects. Known cases where subcutaneous microbe that lives years without symptoms, and only with a strong weakening of the immune system activates of pathogen.

What are the symptoms?

As previously noted, a staph infection manifests itself depending on the resistance of the immune system and localization of the pathogen. However, registered numerous cases, when the virus manifests itself outside the box, that is expressed in a special symptoms. This point greatly complicates the diagnosis.

In order to treat the staph on the face during diagnosis, the doctor considers the likelihood of developing the following diseases:

  1. Phlegmon – a disease that is caused before the pathogen under certain circumstances. Is characterized by inflammation of certain areas of the skin, a significant increase in body temperature and General malaise. Note that cellulitis can develop the strongest inflammatory process, which will cause death of tissue.
  2. Furunculosis is another kind of staph on the skin. This disease is quite widespread, inflammation can occur on almost any site. The diagnosis in this case is quite simple, but to cure the sick hard. This is due to the fact that the prescribed treatment should take into account the localization of the pathogen. In most cases, the symptoms manifested by severe redness of the skin with the appearance of necrosis. Necrosis leads to the death of the skin, the wound may drain pus dark green color. Not eliminated, and relapse after treatment. Of particular danger are boils that form on the head. The inflammatory process can lead to brain damage.
  3. A felon is a disease that is characterized by lesions of periungual roller. The symptoms of this disease can be called a burning sensation, the appearance of redness. If you open education, it will drain pus. Enough it is important to cure this disease because the infection is transmitted from fingers healthy patients for a short period of time.
  4. In infants there is often a pyoderma. As a rule, this disease indicates poor care. Acne from staph in this case represented purulent blisters. If breaks the epidermis, there is a chance of spreading the infection to healthy areas. Can insignificantly increase the body temperature, there is a faint malaise, but the symptoms are not expressed brightly.

    Zolotistyj stafilokokk na lice lechenie

  5. Erysipelas is one of the most painful symptoms of the infection under consideration. Usually, the infection affects solely the lower limbs. After some time on the surface of the skin appears redness, fever and a slight rash. A few hours after the first symptoms appears high fever that reaches 39 degrees Celsius. In almost all cases the illness is severe.

The above determine that the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus depends on how visible the infection. Some diseases have bright symptoms and severe complications in case of delayed treatment, others are easy.

The defeat of the face

Very often considered the causative agent causes pimples on the face. After a certain effects on the body there is a likelihood of inflammation and abscesses, which after the treatment becomes the cause of scars.

Conventionally classify rash on the face:

  1. Sycosis is a rash that is localized on my chin and upper lip. Symptomatology is expressed by blue and seal. The important point is the fact that the disease is for a long time aftertreatment may reappear.
  2. Impetigo is a disease that is characterized by the appearance of purulent rash. Education is localized in the region of the mouth and nose.

    Zolotistyj stafilokokk na lice lechenie

  3. Carbuncles – common type of staph. Symptoms manifested by edema, the appearance of seals, change in skin color to dark red, the appearance of necrosis, pus. After some time sores appear, and after completion of treatment in their place the scars are left. Treatment in this case takes place exclusively in the clinic as the surgeon carries out the removal carbuncles.

Almost all considered manifestations of infection painful. The infection is very contagious, can be transmitted by direct contact or through household items.

Spend treatment

Consider the time that the causative agent largely affects children at an early age, as immature immunity does not protect the body. As previously noted, the virus is immune to the effects of the environment. So a staph infection on the face treatment takes a lot of time and effort. At the time of treatment have a high probability of transmission of the virus.

Complex treatment as follows:

  1. Antibiotics that enhance the body's resistance to the effects of the virus. It is worth considering that the antibiotics are chosen specifically for the disease. The medicines are introduced into the body intravenously or intramuscularly. A certain group of antibiotics does not allow to spread viruses in the body.
  2. Consider that the immune system needs time to recover. This is assigned to a vitamin. The main principle of treatment can be called the termination of the virus that can from skin infection to develop in the subcutaneous.

    Zolotistyj stafilokokk na lice lechenie

  3. Some ointment-based antibiotic can also help. Recommendations for use: can be different determined by the doctor.
  4. Autohaemotherapy – treatment involves the introduction of blood from the veins into the muscle. In certain situations, this method significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment.
  5. You need to observe hygiene in order to eliminate the possibility of infection through the body.

When considering how to treat staph, you should pay attention to prohibitions which relate to warming treatments, visits to saunas and steam baths. Certain routines can exacerbate the problem, increasing the number of pus.