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What are the first signs of cancer

You found breast is palpable, which recently was not? That's not a reason to panic – this lesion does not automatically mean that there is a malignant symptom of cancer, it could be a harmless cyst or hormonal "clot". However, in order to exclude serious illness, in any case, it is necessary to investigate "strange place" by mammography or ultrasound.

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Are you afraid of cancer? In such a case, refer to the list offering to your attention the main symptoms of cancer.

  1. How to determine the initial stage of tumor development in cancer?
  2. What are the early symptoms of cancer indicate the presence of diseases in the body?
  3. How may appear so serious illness?
  4. How to look at breast cancer first symptoms of breast cancer.
  5. How common signs of cancer affect the appearance?

These questions probably bother a considerable number of people (if not everyone). So, on that note?

Cancer is a nightmare of humanity. For many years the team of scientists trying to tame the ailment. Unfortunately, these efforts have not produced any results. The causes of cancer, as well as its signs and symptoms are numerous. How to recognize the first signs of cancer is one of the most insidious diseases?

Frequently cancer cause of the following factors: Smoking and alcohol, the influence of the psyche, stress, heredity, excessive sun exposure, carcinogens in food products.

But what are the common symptoms of the disease?

The person is not completely defenseless against the disease, as is commonly believed. But often people die unnecessarily. We go to the doctor with health problems of late, absolutely forgetting about all preventive examinations, which, incidentally, absolutely free!

There are principles that must be observed. For example, doctors recommend:

  1. Avoid fats.
  2. Do not smoke.
  3. Not to neglect sports.

Is, as possible, more fruits and vegetables. The so-called Mediterranean diet – vegetables, olive oil and fish – according to the oncologists, is a highly effective prevention of diseases, including cancerous tumors.

As a precaution, it is recommended to consume about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. So you will provide the body enough antioxidants, with which he can defend from the attack of free radicals.

Interestingly! Scientific studies have shown that the risk of developing prostate cancer by 1/3 lower in those men who regularly consume tomatoes.

What are the symptoms associated with certain types of cancer?

Prostate cancer: the pressure on the urethra, difficulty in urination, weak or interrupted urine flow, continuous pain in the lower back.

Lung cancer: persistent cough, cough with sputum and admixtures of blood, pain in the chest.

Cancer of the pancreas: loss of appetite, nausea, fatty stools, dark brown urine, sometimes skin itching.

Kidney cancer: blood in the urine, spasmodic pains in the abdomen.

Cancer of the larynx: persistent cough, dry throat, etc.

Cancer of the vocal cords: osiplosti or loss of voice.

Ovarian cancer: pain and volume increase of the abdomen, indigestion and shortness of breath, frequent urination, pressure on bladder.

Cancer of the stomach: loss of appetite and weight, abdominal pain after eating, upset stomach, vomiting, and possibly blood in the stool.

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Cancer of the mouth and throat: chronic ulcer of the mouth, ulcers on the tongue or in the throat that does not heal.

Breast cancer: changes in the size and shape of the breast, discharge or bleeding from the nipple, redness, chest pain and, particularly, tangible places in the breast or armpit during a self-exam.

Please note, if:

  1. Appeared bleeding. Brown or even bright red color is a warning that you should not miss the issue out of sight, and immediately consult a doctor.
  2. One nipple is retracted and does not return to normal position. In some women, the nipple is drawn after the inflammation of the mammary gland, some of this phenomenon occurs for no reason. And the first and the second case is always the cause of breast examination.
  3. Sudden redness in one breast, and fever. Redness is often a sign of inflammation, but in many cases – and cancer. In case of inflammation of the breast, usually the affected area is very sore. If the chest does not hurt, staying red, this is another reason to consult a doctor.
  4. On the skin of the breast appears "dent»,which was not there before. It resembles a trough and is visible, especially when raising the arms above the head .
  5. Dark skin around the nipple, areola covered with scales, hardened, easily sticks to clothing and is so fragile that if you scratch bleeding. We are not talking about the bloody discharge from the nipple, but a slight bleeding from the skin around it.

If you notice any of these symptoms, immediately contact your doctor who will refer you to a specialist for examination.

Cancer of the colon and rectum: anemia, weakness, weight loss or nausea, blood in stool, constipation or diarrhea.

Cancer of the blood: increased bleeding, bruising and haematoma, re-infection, pains in the bones and joints.

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Bleeding and increasing stain or nevus, itching or discoloration, sore or wart that won't heal – the first signs of cancer.

Cancer of the pharynx and esophagus: the deterioration and difficulty swallowing.

Skin cancer: bleeding and growing stain or nevus, itching or discoloration, sore or wart that won't heal.

Cervical cancer: bleeding after intercourse, bleeding outside the menstrual period, unusual discharge, painful menstruation.

Testicular cancer: testicular enlargement, hard lumps, the size of a pea, a nagging pain in the lower abdomen or groin, irregular pain in the abdomen radiating to the testicles, often the gain and sensitivity of the nipples.

Cancer of the bladder and kidney: blood in urine, pain or burning during urination, increased frequency of urination.

Risk factors of cancerous tumors

Only in Europe every year there are more than 3 million new cases of cancer, the most common types are:

  • Breast tumor.
  • Malignant neoplasm of the colon.
  • Cancer of the lungs.

Treatment and diagnosis of the disease, although improving steadily, but there is an improvement only in small steps. However, the probability that any type of disease will meet a man who is big enough.

Avoid carcinogens

What causes cancer? The original healthy cell from changes in genetic information changes constantly divided and ruthless invader who oppresses primarily their immediate surroundings, and then and whole organs. The fateful transformation of the genetic information of the cell can cause a number of substances or factors called carcinogens. The whole process can also occur "by itself", without any obvious reason.

The risk of developing a form of cancer increases with the following factors

  1. Genetics – there are relatively rare cases of cancer, which in some families is regularly transmitted from generation to generation. The vast majority of malignant tumors, however, their link to heredity there are only guesses. However, if a tumor occurred in one family several times, the risk of the same tumor in other generations also increased.
  2. Smoking – like it or not, Smoking is responsible for a significant percentage of cancer and, in particular, light (which belongs to the three most common types of disease in General). This disease affects practically only in smokers, both active and passive.

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  3. Nutrition and physical activity are proven and currently also widely known that the risk of cancer diseases is increased in obese people with minimal physical activity, in addition, those among which is a popular unhealthy diet. But, it is not widely known that excessive alcohol consumption is associated with a higher incidence of cancer. What do you mean "excessive"? According to doctors, this is just one serving of alcohol per day, which represented 0.5 liters of beer, 200 g of wine or a shot of spirits.
  4. UV radiation – a man who in the summer spends hours and hours in the sun, or loves tanning in tanning, voluntarily exposes himself to a greater risk of one of the most malignant tumors – melanoma. Any suspicious changes in the skin (swelling, unusual colour or perhaps itching) are the reason for visiting the doctor.
  5. Other carcinogens – substances which can cause cancer in our midst is a large number. They can be represented by the chemical substances used in their homes or at work, or to be part of a polluted environment. The risk of cancer is increased, although marginally, even the conventional radiography, as well as some viral infections.

Curing cancer is easier?

Until recently, there were only 3 ways of treatment of malignant tumors: surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In recent years increasing attention is paid to the so-called biological therapy, which is represented by the use of drugs, deliberately blocking signals that support cancer cells in their relentless and destructive separation. What this type of therapy differs from conventional therapies?

  1. It acts only against a few selected molecules.
  2. Has fewer sideeffects, for example, does not reduce the number of white blood cells in the body.
  3. Drugs are produced using living organisms.
  4. This is a much more expensive form of therapy.