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Uterine fibroids — Causes, symptoms and treatments of uterine fibroids

When a woman, when he hears the diagnosis of "uterine fibroids" or "education in the womb", the first thing it fear, misunderstanding, in the mind of lots of questions like this trouble could appear!

Mioma matki — Prichiny vozniknoveniya, simptomy i metody lecheniya miomy matki

Don't be nervous, you have as calmly as possible to learn information about why you receive uterine fibroids and find out what lifestyle was not so.

What is wrong with the body?

The first thing you need to realize that the causes of uterine fibroids do not always lie in the wrong lifestyle. The development of this disease is often the result of hormonal disturbances in the body women, girls or girls.

This disease may occur in adolescence and in the elderly. Therefore, in any case can not give up and blame themselves.

Fibroids – what kind of disease?

For a start, it is useful to understand what is uterine fibroids and what are the main reasons for its occurrence.

Myoma — a benign tumor that can occur in the walls of the cervix or in the uterus. The size of tumors can be from a few millimeters to the size of an Apple, in very advanced cases.

Mioma matki — Prichiny vozniknoveniya, simptomy i metody lecheniya miomy matki

The presence of multiple tumors at once is called multiple myoma. The good news is that this disease is not cancer and is curable, if timely diagnosis and proper, conscientious treatment of the patient.

Now consider the factors that caused fibroids, are the main reasons, which should be kept to a minimum in a woman's life.

The main causes of uterine fibroids, in addition to surges in hormonal levels, include:

  1. frequent stressful situations at home and at work,
  2. predisposition to formations inherited,
  3. diabetes,
  4. inflammatory processes in the female reproductive system, frequent hypothermia — here hardly probable not the main cause of tumors — uterine fibroids,
  5. frequent abortion and failed pregnancy,
  6. overweight up to obesity,
  7. the lack of orgasms sudden or constant.

How to establish a normal working uterus?

For those who first encountered this disease, can be a great revelation that the causes of fibroids, it would seem impossible to prevent. In most cases it is. But it is always possible, as prevention or in addition to treatment to change your diet, make it healthier and to reconsider their own sexuality – it should be regular, secure and sure to bring fun!

Mioma matki — Prichiny vozniknoveniya, simptomy i metody lecheniya miomy matki

Strict adherence to all prescribed by a doctor-gynecologist of the funds — simply a must! Otherwise there is a risk of a more disastrous outcome, if we ignore the treatment and not to exclude possible causes of fibroids.

The absence of orgasm

Intimate life exists not only for procreation but also for pleasure. With regular orgasms in a woman's body produces the required amount of hormones responsible for proper functioning of all without an exception bodies and, of course, a good mood!

Be sure to pay attention to satisfaction with their sex life, to change it for the better, if it wasn't enough fun. It is more important than it seems to many women.

The availability of the orgasm often is glossed over, causes tightness in the doctor's office. However, the quality of the orgasm is directly affected women's health!

About the metabolic disorders

Women under 35 years of age with obesity, hypertension or diabetes mellitus – at risk of the appearance of fibroids. Violation of metabolism, always says the figure.

Excess fat are a specific marker for the doctor any area. Start metabolism, in otherwords, to speed up the metabolism in the body women, will help reasonable cardio load, and also the most basic physical exercises.

Mioma matki — Prichiny vozniknoveniya, simptomy i metody lecheniya miomy matki
Depending on the location of entities (nodes mianeh) the following types of the disease

Perfectly establishes the body running and climbing stairs. Many of us live in apartment buildings and every day have access to such a great exerciser for the whole body as a ladder!

In General, any physical activity and refraining from overeating, will help to establish the correct digestive system and start the metabolism.

What else is important to know about fibroids?

In addition to the above list, there are indirect causes of uterine fibroids, which include the use of oral contraception pregnancy and region of residence.

Mioma matki — Prichiny vozniknoveniya, simptomy i metody lecheniya miomy matki

A well-known fact that women living in rural areas are less likely to suffer diseases of the reproductive system as a whole. Urban women also susceptible to the more aggressive effects of the environment, especially those who live in Metropolitan areas.

Thus, the farther away from large cities, the healthier, sadly to admit.


Of course, pain in the lower abdomen, any woman must consult a doctor. But the guile of uterine fibroids that often it is painless. But to recognize some symptoms still possible.

Mioma matki — Prichiny vozniknoveniya, simptomy i metody lecheniya miomy matki

First and foremost, a marker of the disease is a disruption of the menstrual cycle. If a woman not on the pill and her cycle is fairly stable, it is possible to judge the health of the reproductive system. In the case of an irregular cycle is difficult to detect changes.

But you can always track the duration of monthly bleeding or lack of them for a long time.

Prolonged constipation, infertility, and a sharp increase in circumference of the abdomen, painful or frequent urination in the usual fluid intake in any of these situations is to undergo immediate examination. Even if the uterine fibroids are not confirmed, may be other diseases caused discomfort.

Often the precursors or companions benign tumors are endometriosis and ovarian disease that gives similar warning signs.

Possible ways of treatment

In most cases timely diagnosed and can be treated this disease without surgery. Usually the doctor prescribes hormonal medications in combination with recommendations on proper hygiene and diet.

In some cases, is assigned FUZZ-ablation – in simple terms, evaporation nimnogo node by using the ultrasonic beam. The procedure done by a doctor, which focuses the UV beam directly on the location of the tumor and acts without disturbing other areas.

In this procedure there are no scars on the body, blood loss, trauma is reduced to zero. In addition, there is childbearing and the effectiveness of this procedure is confirmed even in cases of multiple fibroids and large unit formations.

Mioma matki — Prichiny vozniknoveniya, simptomy i metody lecheniya miomy matki

Fuzz-ablation is a relatively young treatment method, the security level is the highest due to the noninvasiveness. With this solution there is no fever, no pain or any other side effects, therefore, the said beam when the disease is most preferred by most doctors.

Rehabilitation after a minor procedure, does not require hospitalization and antibiotics. For the patients this treatment is preferred because of the absence of pain and side effects.

In some cases, surgery is needed

If there is a necrosis of parts of the fibroids, its rapid growth, resistance to hormonal treatment if the tumor presses on nearby organs, and is a very large size – operation is the only logical and adequate output.

Mioma matki — Prichiny vozniknoveniya, simptomy i metody lecheniya miomy matki

Currently, three types of removal Minnich nodes:

  • abdominal surgery (the incision using a scalpel tissues in the abdomen women, is rarely used),
  • laparoscopy (made a small puncture in the abdomen),
  • hysteroscopy (uterus through the vagina penetrate the necessary tools, there are no seams on the body surface).

The last two methods are most common, so retain the reproductive ability of women, do not leave marks on the body and rehabilitation after them quite easily tolerated.

Traditional methodstreatments

There are proponents of treatment of uterine fibroids homemade and folk ways, herbs, resorting to douching and introducing tampons with solutions.

Despite the strong advice of senior relatives or friends, the modern woman should trust the treatment does not bring additional harm to their health.

Mioma matki — Prichiny vozniknoveniya, simptomy i metody lecheniya miomy matki

It is difficult to imagine the mechanism by which a node in the uterus herbal solution injected into the vagina using a tampon or douching. It's a completely useless operation, if not to call them harmful. Because such actions have no effect, except for violations of the vaginal flora.

Fibroids is not a sentence!

Anyone who has faced this disease or is at risk, you need to be attentive to your diet, sex life, sport and strictly follow all the recommendations of the personal gynecologist.

This disease defeat her and do not be afraid!