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Drugs for the nervous system and other methods of recovery

"Nerve cells do not regenerate" I repeat people, implying that any stress, worries, strains, and the disease irretrievably destroy the nervous system.

Fortunately, they're wrong. Rehabilitation of the nervous system is not only possible, but necessary. Of course, this requires time, conscious effort and, in some cases, revision of position in life, but nothing impossible in this.

Perhaps there is in the human body the formation of more complicated nervous system. She is responsible for everything ranging from conscious, rational activity and to synchronize the work of all organs. Properly functioning nervous system depends on the health, well-being and quality of life.

And disturb this delicate mechanism can many factors:

  • Stress, chronic fatigue, stress, high psychological, emotional stress.
  • Heavy and long illness.
  • Infectious diseases: bacterial, viral.
  • Injury and mechanical damage.
  • Circulatory disorders and nutrition.
  • Alcoholism, drug abuse, and other forms of chronic intoxication.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, unbalanced diet.
  • Stay in adverse environmental conditions.
After these and many other factors can cause problems with the nervous system. Sometimes they appear immediately, sometimes it takes some time.

How to understand that the nervous system need help?

Given the wide range of functions of the nervous system, the symptoms of the disorder can also be very different. But first and foremost, you should alert the following factors:

  • Sleep disorders, prolonged insomnia, or constant drowsiness and inability to sleep.
  • Headache.
  • Impaired memory, difficulty remembering new information, training, reduced efficiency.
  • Inadequate response, irritability, outbursts of anger.
  • Increased meteosensitivity, difficulties with acclimatization.
  • Poor tolerance of heat or cold.
  • Numbness of the hotel areas of the skin.
  • Tremor, paralysis, paresis.

In addition, problems of the nervous system can be expressed as a malfunction of the digestive, cardiovascular, urogenital systems. Such psychosomatic illness is most often diagnosed by exclusion: when there are symptoms, but no apparent reason.

All of these cases require examination and consultation neurologist. Only after the examination and identify the cause you can pick up an adequate scheme of recovery of the nervous system.

Which requires to restore the nervous system?

Such rehabilitation requires a comprehensive approach that includes several areas:

  • Medication support. Pills are not correct, but they can significantly speed up the recovery.
  • Phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Herbs often help not worse than pills, but lack many of their disadvantages.
  • Physiotherapy. Almost all destinations are successfully applied in neurology.
  • Psychotherapy. Peace and harmony – one of the prerequisites for recovery.
  • Lifestyle. Without normalization of full rehabilitation is possible.

Each of these four areas requires careful planning and implementation of all recommendations of the doctor.

Medication support

In neurology there is a variety of drugs depending on what caused the abnormalities of the nervous system and how they manifest themselves. In the General case most often recommend the following tablets:

  • Nootropics. This group of drugs normalize brain nutrition and oxygen supply, which is especially important in disorders of memory, attention and many other States.
  • Antidepressants. These tablets are widely used in modern life filled with stress, nervous tension and high loads. They allow you to handle them without damage to the nervous system.
  • Tranquilizers. Soft calming tablets are recommended for people anxious, prone to excessive response to external stimuli.
  • Antipsychotic drugs. They are administered in severe cases, when there are serious abnormalities of the nervous system, neuroses, pathological changes.

All of these drugs is an important part of treatment but you can't make on their own and without supervision of a physician. An important role plays the combination, dosage, duration of treatment. Correctly identify only by a qualified doctor.

Additionaldifficulty: these pills can be addictive, which reduces therapeutic effect and causing difficulties in the completion of the course.

In addition to these preparations, an important role is played by vitamin-mineral complexes. They are especially necessary in the recovery phase after a serious illness, chronic intoxication, for weak people and so on.

Phytotherapy and aromatherapy

Rehabilitation often involves treatment with herbs. A "pill for nerves" is based on plant components, and show a fairly high efficiency, so herbal medicine is an important part of neurology.

In various diseases prescribe tailor-made herbal teas in the form of teas, infusions, decoctions.

Widely used anti-anxiety herb. They help to relieve stress and anxiety, well help in stressful situations. Such plants include Valerian, motherwort, mint, molasses, hops, willow-herb, St. John's wort, chamomile. Rehabilitation of the nervous system may require the designation of some certain herbs and complex fees. In such herbal teas is useful to add honey, which also has soothing properties.

Importantly! Unlike the treatment of "pills", herbal medicine requires a long course.

Many drugs are addictive, making them want to assign and cancel with caution. Herbs are almost free from this drawback.

In other cases, the rehabilitation after the disease requires no sedatives and tonics. This case will fit other herbs: ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Gotu Kola, lemongrass, radiogram pink, and so forth.

In addition to the decoctions and infusions, rehabilitation often involves the use of tonic and soothing properties of aromatic oils.

They are used for flavoring premises, consisting of massage oils, taking baths and so on.

Of soothing aromatic oils note mint, chamomile, Jasmine, ylang-ylang, bergamot, rose and so on. They can be used separately and in composition. Tonic properties have citrus flavors, cinnamon, ginger.


Rehabilitation in many diseases of the nervous system must include a variety of physiotherapy methods.

Often administered following procedures:

  • Hydropathy. It may range from treatment at water resorts to a contrast shower or bath at home. In the neurological diseases are well established bath: aromatic, with herbs, sea salt and so on.
  • Massages. Without them, rarely complete rehabilitation in diseases of the peripheral nervous system that have impaired sensation or mobility of the limbs.
  • Electrophoresis. This method allows to improve the condition of the peripheral nervous system, strengthen the nutrition of tissues and normalize blood circulation. This method is especially effective in combination with injection of medications.
  • Magneto-, electro-and laser therapy. Useful in disorders in peripheral nervous system, restore mobility and sensitivity.

In various diseases physiotherapy treatment can include various methods, the number and intensity of procedures. The treatment is carried out regularly or one-time, in the recovery phase.


Status and functioning of the nervous system is largely dependent on the psychological comfort and harmony. Stress, tension, inability to relax – all this is bad for the body. Therefore rehabilitation in severe diseases of the nervous system may require counseling.

It is important to understand that the psychological comfort and peace of mind is important when restoring the nervous system.


The nervous system is largely dependent on the person's lifestyle. Sleep problems, workaholism, passive lifestyle, lack of rest, bad habits, poor diet – all this is not the best way affects her.

The paradox is that most people know how to be healthy lifestyle and are aware of its importance, but do not adhere to these recommendations.

But if problems with the nervous system is already there, then you should reconsider your lifestyle, the benefits of this far outweighs the inconvenience.

I hope that now you better understand how the rehabilitation after diseases of the nervous system, which use pills and medicines how you can help herbal medicine and physiotherapy. But all of the information provided cannot be considered as a guide to action. If there is a need of such therapy, an appointment should the doctor.