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Blood cancer: treatment and characteristics of the disease

Cancer causes

Rak krovi: lechenie i osobennosti zabolevaniya

Modern medicine today still can't figure out until the end why am I getting this disease. For the onset of cancer usually only one mutated cell. In the future, it begins to rapidly multiply and become the cause of deterioration. Some negative impact on cells, causing mutations, scientists have determined. Among them:

  • ionizing radiation;
  • carcinogens;
  • hereditary factor;
  • viruses.

If ionizing radiation and UV exposure can still be saved from the hereditary factors. And carcinogens are often found not only in drugs or chemicals, but in the usual all the food. Also damage is caused by viruses that can integrate into the DNA and cause its mutation.


Rak krovi: lechenie i osobennosti zabolevaniya

On their own to deal with the disease and to diagnose myself is impossible. After all, cancer can develop gradually and it does not appear any symptoms. Especially this happens in the early stages. There are acute and chronic. If the acute form can quickly be shown, that chronic sometimes develop a few years.

Therefore, for accurate diagnosis of a doctor-oncologist. He will appoint the General analysis of blood and biochemical. You will also need a bone marrow study. Only these studies can accurately tell you about the presence of the disease and its form.

Symptoms of the acute form

At an early stage of the acute form the symptoms will be different from later stage. First of all, the patient can receive the increased bleeding. Trying to stop them, you need to spend a lot of time and do it really hard. He felt the soreness of the joints, the emergence of numerous blood stains all over the body or bruises.

Increase the lymph nodes are often enlarged liver. The person becomes lethargic, tired quickly, often sick with various infectious diseases. Later joined by nausea and motion sickness in transport. At night time constantly allocated sweat. For a short time, the person quickly loses weight without any obvious reason.

In the later stages of the patient the color of the lips and nails become blue shade, there is frequently occurring pain in the heart area. Temperature increases and often remains within 38C. Occur tachycardia, anxiety, shortness of breath.

The symptoms of chronic

Rak krovi: lechenie i osobennosti zabolevaniya

Usually the beginning of the chronic form absolutely does not manifest itself. Therefore, a person can live several years without noticing the beginning of the development of the disease. In the study of blood can be seen increased the number of leukocytes granular type. In the future, there are secondary tumors, affected lymph nodes, increases the liver. If time does not start treatment, there are complications. They are expressed in the form of metastasis, bone cancer and other complications.


If the detected blood cancer treatment should start immediately. Cancer is quite curable, if the time to begin to deal with it. The treatment is carried out by several methods:

  • chemotherapy;
  • transplantation;
  • radiation therapy.

The treatment is in accordance with the complications of the disease and its stage. The oncologist determines the treatment of cancer and which methods are the best suited. In some cases, one method of treatment is combined with others to better kill cancer cells.


The use of this therapy helps to destroy cancer cells. For the method using special drugs. They have a great effect on the human body. The drugs are very toxic, but have the ability to influence the devastating cancer cells. So to treat cancer of the blood obtained in virtually all patients. Selection of drugs, dosage assigned individually.

Chemotherapy in addition to damage cancer blood badly affects other organs and systems. But this influence is smaller than itselfcancer. Therefore often choose this treatment. Be sure to take into account the stage of cancer, age of the patient and present illness.

Drugs are administered to the body in the form of tablets or intravenous drip injection. Taking chemo is not constant, but cyclical, in certain moments of time. When taking sure to experience side effects. Hair may fall out, there is nausea, intoxication of the organism, affects the mucous of the stomach and intestines. As a result, there is vomiting. Under the influence of the drug with cancer cells can be killed healthy normal cells.

Transplantation cancer

Sometimes doctors choose bone marrow transplantation. This method of treatment is based on administering to the body a pre-prepared bone marrow. Can also use hematopoietic stem cells. This operation is carried out after exposure to the body with a special immunosuppressive therapy. When there are huge dosages of immunosuppressants. In the future it will help the body not reject the transplanted bone marrow.

Before transplantation, the oncologist may prescribe other methods that reduce the presence of cancer cells. This will help to free up space for further elaboration transplantirovannam bone marrow normal cells.

To conduct such an operation and to cure the patient, it is important to find him a donor. It needs to fit perfectly, otherwise, the operation will be unsuccessful and the body will simply reject the new material.

Radiation therapy

Cancer treated with radiation therapy. This technique is based on ionizing the rays. Thanks to him, turns out to have a negative effect on the cancer cells and destroy them. They affect cells with the mutation, disrupting their structure. This leads to a failure to comply with its functions of a cancer cell and it simply dies. If she did not die, you will surely lose the ability to reproduce.

This therapy has shown a great party. Since cancer cells divide continuously, with the help of radiation therapy is obtained by substantially slowing the process. Sometimes only enough of this treatment and transplantation is no longer needed.

Still has side effects such as intoxication, nausea, hair loss. The body is weakened, which can lead to the emergence of new infections. It is therefore very important during this period to protect the patient from the influence of different infectious diseases. This will only complicate his condition.

Chronic form

Cure chronic cancer would not be so urgent and active as in the acute form. The disease itself can last many years, so treatment may be gradual and not too load on the body. Sometimes patients with chronic form can become participants in various experiments with treatments. Thanks to them, get to know the influence of a drug on cancer. It shows researchers the drug's effectiveness and its ability to destroy cancer cells.

Patients with chronic blood cancer may give you treatment as in the acute form But in this case, the dosage is considerably different. Also such patients do transplant, but not necessarily to find a donor. Ideal cells of the patient. To improve the patient's condition can add to the treatment the use of biological therapy.

Is it possible to completely cure blood cancer

Rak krovi: lechenie i osobennosti zabolevaniya

No oncologist will not be able to tell whether the treatment completely get rid of the disease. Since all organisms are completely diverse and individual, even one and the same form of cancer may be treated with completely different drugs with different dosage.

But with timely treatment of the patient and timely initiation of treatment, it is possible to get rid of the disease. Early treatment increases chances for complete recovery and normalization of body functions. After treatment, the bone marrow regains its function and the mutated cells disappear. But it is very important to destroy all mutated cells, because if there's at least one, then the disease may start again.

But self-treatment, especially with the help of charlatans and their unknown means, did not improve the situation. Gradually the cancer progresses and becomes more severe. After this the patient goes to the clinic for the last stages, where treatment does not always help to improve the situation.

How dangerous is cancer of the blood

Since there are abnormal cells that cannot perform its normal functions and multiply the same cell, then they gradually begin to occupy a lot of space. From this beginning to be superseded by normal necessary for the body cells. It turns out the lack of platelets, which causes constant bleeding, which is quite difficult to stop. Also lack of red blood cells, which are very important in the transport of oxygen to organs and tissues. Because of this, there is anemia and oxygen starvation of tissues.

Since cancer cells are in the bloodstream, they freely penetrate into the lymph nodes where they can cause tumors. This further complicates the condition of the body and requires emergency treatment. The oncologist will determine the problem and prescribe all necessary procedures. To any way cannot be changedyourself the dosage of chemotherapy, or skip cycles. This allows the cancer cells faster to capture new territory and back again all in worse condition.