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Vitamins for the nervous system influence and the need for


The nervous system is a set of interconnected structures that together with the endocrine system regulates the functioning of all organ systems. It ensures the proper functioning of the human body under the influence of external conditions and internal stimuli. Interconnected neural structures and their cells act as a unifying system tying together normal locomotor activity, information obtained from sensitive analyzers, the glands of internal secretion and the activity of the immune system.

The composition of the nervous tissue consists of neurons and glial cells. These structures are the main building material for all topographic units of the Central NS and the peripheral NS. To the Central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord, and the PNS is formed by the cranial, spinal and autonomic ganglion, nerves and nerve endings and sensitive endings and effectors.

There are nerve fibers covered and not covered in a myelin sheath. Their structure depends on the speed of conduction of nerve impulse from one nerve cell to another.

The reasons for the development of disorders in the nervous system

  • Insufficient intake the human body amino acids can cause conduction disturbances of nerve fibers. Amino acids affect the production of neurotransmitters, which in turn transmits the impulse from one nerve cell to another. Malnutrition, vegetarianism and starvation are the major reasons of this scarcity.
  • Stress and emotional tension. Acute stress situations can be a stimulant for the nervous system and do not always have adverse effects, but chronic stress and constant emotional load reduces efficiency, leads to the disruption of organ systems (cardiovascular, hormonal, digestive, etc.).
  • Frequent colds and other illnesses caused by viruses. Frequent intoxication and infestation of the virus damages nerve cells. Some of the causative agents for life persistiruut in nervous tissue (herpesvirus), causing a relapse by reducing the protective functions of the organism.
  • Tissue hypoxia. In case of lack of oxygen slows the process of energy production in the mitochondria. Reduced speed from cell to cell, and nerve impulses, and suffer the tissue of the nervous system. The causes of hypoxia can be different from congenital diseases, to iron deficiency anemia.
  • Constant noise, bright lights and other stimuli, acting overly sensitive analyzers. Constant irritation of the nervous system can lead to its depletion and the emergence of symptoms of fatigue.
Congenital diseases of the nervous system require lifelong replacement therapy. Many cases of nerve damage is not curable and greatly reduce the quality and length of life.

Restoring the nervous system through vitamin therapy

Vitamins for the nervous system are an essential part of good nutrition and intake of all the necessary elements. Vitamin complexes frequently given as a preventive measure and as a restorative therapy after long-term treatment. Correct intake of vitamin preparations and enriched foods allows you to restore nervous system and prevent the development of seasonal diseases (colds, rhinitis, etc.).

Convenience of vitamin in that it is usually carried out at home. A balanced diet can often replace medicines, except those cases, when there is a shortage of a vitamin. Pregnant women need to adopt a comprehensive drugs for the full receipt of necessary substances in an organism of the child and its correct formation. How to restore the nervous system with the help of vitamin therapy? The main rule is a comprehensive a balanced intake.

The carotene and retinol or vitamin a

Nerve cells at the vitamin And aging slower, as it is a natural antioxidant and destroys resulting in the human body free radicals. Insufficient intakecarotene in the body leads to deficiency of attention, slowing psychical processes and development retardation. Have problems with sleep, people could not sleep, despite the fatigue, and often wakes up at night. During the day quickly appears fatigue and reduced attention.

You can occasionally eat foods that contain vitamin a, to produce the required amount of carrots, beef liver, egg yolk, etc. Excessive intake of vitamin A in the body can lead to undesirable consequences. In chronic hypervitaminosis can cause headaches, disturbances in appetite and hyperexcitability. Children have a lower tolerance for excess vitamin A, can develop malnutrition and even anorexia.

B vitamins (B1, B2, PP, B6, B9, B11, B12)

B vitamins can restore the nervous system, and to provide a strengthening effect on the entire body. Vitamins stimulates energy metabolism and stimulate the body's resistance to stress and emotional stress. The main rule of the vitamin therapy group is a comprehensive technique for the correct interaction of the components.

Vitamin B1

Stimulates brain activity and promotes mental development. Thiamine has a sedative effect and can be used as an antidepressant. For greater income B1 in the body you can use such products as soy protein, beans, green peas etc.

Vitamin B2

Riboflavin is involved in the formation of nerve cells. At deficiency of vitamin B2, the nervous system becomes less resistant, reduced alertness, headaches and fatigue comes quickly. Get enough vitamin from liver, milk, egg whites, etc.

Vitamin PP

Also called vitamin B3 – nicotinic acid. Involved in the synthesis of hormones and other organic substances in the human body. Niacin is very common in the form of drugs and is designated as prevention. Vitamin PP improves blood circulation and helps to improve perception, relieves nervousness and relieves feeling of depression. To vitamin B3 from liver, beef, yeast, milk, bread, etc.

Vitamin B6

Promotes formation in an organism of hemoglobin, nucleic acids, and endorphins. The latest development helps improve mood, improve focus and memory, normalizes sleep. Optimally to take pyridoxine vitamin C required daily dose of vitamin can be consumed beans, egg yolk, oatmeal, etc.

Vitamin B9

Pregnant women for the whole period of gestation is assigned to folic acid to prevent birth defects and proper formation of the fetus. Deficiency of B9 can lead to apathy, impaired memory, severe anxiety and nervousness. You can consume folic acid in pill form, or often eat cheese, milk, liver, yeast, etc.

Vitamin B11

L-carnitine restores the nerve cells and stimulates their work. B11 enhances immunity, improves cardiovascular system and brain. To obtain the required number V11 you can eat meat, fish, milk and other dairy products.

Vitamin B12

Cobalamin stimulates memory, improves mood and helps to prevent damage to the nerve fibers. Foods rich in B12 liver, meat, egg etc.

Beef and pork liver most vitamin-rich foods. Periodic use will provide the body with all necessary vitamins, is the best option of prevention at home.

ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid helps increase the body's resistance. Increases resistance to stress, emotional stress and nervous tension. Vitamin C improves mood and increases efficiency. Negatively on the absorption of ascorbic acid is influenced by harmful habits (Smoking, alcoholism etc.). For optimum doses of vitamin C can be consumed rosehips, pears, citrus, etc.

Other vitamins such as D, E and other also necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. The excess vitamins in the body leads to undesirable consequences, with the result that there can be serious violations. Fortunately overdoses are very rare and usually occur only due to self use of drugs in the home.