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Scabies First signs of the disease, methods of treatment of scabies, photos

The most common skin disease is scabies. Official Russian statistics does not reflect the reality of the incidence.

Because most people, or self-medicates, or not treated. Infection often refers to the people leading an associative way of life, but it affects children and adolescents due to their mobility. Few people pays attention to the manifestation of scabies.

Often the first signs of scabies can be recognized by unbearable itching. This happens when the itch moves begins to do a parasite.

What is itch?

It appears when gnawing the jaw apparatus of the tunnels in the skin of the epidermis. More about this will be described later in the article.

Scabies is a contagious infection caused by mite Sarcoptes Scabiei. He is a parasite on the person. In size the adult reaches up to 1 µm, and has jaws that serve as an instrument for gnawing layers of the skin.

When he gets on the cover of the females make holes, and the opposite gender isn't moving. It performs the function of fertilization. Samenaide the female under the skin, then hatch into larvae. Their cycle begins with further penetration into skin layers. Mate species on the surface.

The developmental cycle of the tick

Once on the host body, the carpet beetle live primarily in the epidermis. Occasionally come to the surface, usually this period is called the resettlement. Advanced stage affects the deep skin of the person.

The cycle is divided into jointed:

  1. reproductive,
  2. metamorphic.

The first is due to the laying of eggs by the female. Next, begin to hatch larvae of itch moves. The course is maintained to 5 weeks, serves as a hotbed of infection. When mating, the males die immediately. The females can lay about 4 eggs, it happens at night.

At the same time forms the tunnel for posterity. Its activity is 4-6 weeks.

Metamorphic phase begins with the formation of larvae. After 3-4 days they molt into protonymphs, after 5 days become teleonomy. Teleonemia transforms into an adult animal. The entire life cycle of a microorganism is 14 days.


Contagious disease or scabies manifests itself:

  1. itch,
  2. external indicators.

The patient contracted the infection starts to note the rash on the skin in the early days. So the initial stage is due to papulovesicular rash with pustules, the last reason scratching the lesions.

The incubation period is up to 2 weeks. It does not manifest itself. People do not even realize they've been infected. When you defeat an adult carpet beetles people have a few hours begins to scratch the body.

Many people confuse the disease with allergies, urticaria and treated with antihistamines, complicating the further course. The disease looks like red spots in the form of bubbles between the fingers and red formations in other places.

The papule appears on the legs, arms, groin, penis. Can affect areas of the breast, feet, armpits, elbows, stomach. In children the localization of the parasite occurs on the head.

The holes are also seen, they look separate inflamed areas of dirty-grey color. In the case of the carding space a crust with bloody streaks. Of inflammation are formed under the influence of saliva on the animal body. Infiltration causes such a reaction.

Methods of infection

As mentioned earlier the mite is passed from person to another. To live in the external environment, the organism just can't.

An infection is possible via:

  1. railings, door handles,
  2. bed linen, clothing,
  3. sexual contact with patients,
  4. animals'.

In the first case, it is sufficient just to touch the railing or handles in public transport, metro, store. In linen, the microbe retains its activity for a long time. The necessary disinfection of not only bed linen, but also all personal belongings of an infected, pillows, blankets.

At close contact men and women is the transmission of disease. The itch mite can live on the body of the animal, so the risk of catching the infection is, though is a small percentage. The highest activity exhibits the bug from September to December.

Peak at night, causing the risk of infection within the family is very large. The first place of infection the folds between fingers, wrists, then feet, hands, abdomen.

Disease clean

Few knowabout scabies cleanly. As a result of contact with animals on the body, people who frequently wash washes away the germs from the epidermis. Frequent change of linen, including bed washes, the presence of the latter. Formed erased form of the disease.

In normal rash allergic immunoreactivity is also absent. The infection is characterized by isolated lesions on the hands, the umbilical region, the mammary glands. They don't cause discomfort is practically not scratched. Sometimes covered with a crust.

Other varieties

Lesions of dermal tissue is a pathology:

  1. nodal,
  2. cortical.

Hub formed from a delayed reaction hyperergic type. This is because the waste products of the individual. Is in the form of nodes reddish. Causes is incorrect treatment, or simply do not treatment.

For a long time affects the germ layers of tunnels. Nodular form is not sensitive to protivokariosnoe treatment. Formed a dense crust, do not miss the action of drugs.

Cortical or Norwegian, it is noted in patients with low immunity. Manifested in the form of dense growths with gray. This species is considered the most contagious as the concentration of ticks in areas of high. Factors are exhaustion, alcoholism, treatment with cytostatics, corticosteroids means.

Crust can be layered on top of each other, if they remove marked pain. Saivas with healthy tissue while eliminating contribute to the bleeding, on their place are erosive areas yellowish. Centers, elbows, umbilical area, the ear, rarely the face and head. Palms, soles of the feet under the influence of the animal lead to the creation of hyperkeratosis.

The latter significantly reduces motor activity of people. The nail plate also dissolved, begin to change color and shape.

Neglect stage is complemented by dermatitis of different etiology, microbial eczema, pyoderma.

Signs of infection in children

Symptoms similar to adult symptoms. However, in addition to rash join rash vesiculotomy, paronihii. In children up to six months the disease, namely, scabies can be confused with urticaria, dermatosis.

The extremities appear scratching red in large quantity, affecting the abdomen, arms, legs, face. Separately there are bubbles, the itching is not only a place of infection, but also the whole body. Baby doesn't sleep all night due to excessive activity of the tick.

Treatment is carried out preferably at night, when the microorganisms are active.


To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the following tests:

  1. the study of the pathogen under the microscope,
  2. cutting a skin layer,
  3. the application of alkaline compounds on the area.

For starters the specialist will collect all the data about the patient, listen to complaints. Before the commissioning tests do not need to wash. Mites are washed off the skin, and diagnosis will be difficult. If there is corocznie the surface or the specimens are not too active, a doctor may fail to detect representatives.

In the first case, the pathogen is extracted from the itch moves. Further it is studied in the laboratory.

The second method is the slice layer in the region of scabby passage. When applying alkali to the tunnel location becomes. Final diagnosis occurs when the hole itself gently scratching with a scalpel. The place is covered with oil which is heated, or put a warm piece of glass that causes the movement of individuals. The resulting scrapings taken for further testing.

See the passages perhaps iodine. When the liquid gets on the cover, the path is painted in a dark brown hue, the rest of the skin is only painted in a light yellowish color. When the fence material is sodium hydroxide, it dissolves the keratin that can detect eggs and larvae.


For successful treatment, you should comply with all recommendations of the doctor. From this disease no relapses, and symptom appears only until the end of untreated scabies.

If the patient lives with other people should be treated all together. Prescribed ointment should be actively rubbed into the skin, and around the trunk. Spread the areas under the fingernails, because they, too, can be eggs. The groin area in the presence of abundant hair fluff brush with the drug. Keep the cream should be at least 12 hours. To swim and to take water treatments allowed to survive this time.

Therapy is about two weeks, then medical examination. Children during illness are released from school for the duration until full recovery. If the infection more than 3 people in a team, conduct a full maintenance. Handle the furniture and other items.


Better to be treated at an early stage, then the term of use of the drugs is reduced. A drug that is used most widely Sulphur ointment. The tool needs to be lubricated according to the instructions for use. Sulfur acts detrimental to the microorganism, you should use at least a week. The downside would be an unpleasant odor, Allergy to components of drug.

Helps cream Benzyl benzoate. Has high activity against pathogen. Double treatment of the epidermis kills all carpet beetle. If necessary, repeat the course two days later. For children use 10%concentration, adults 20%. Prior to commencement of use is to wash the body with soap, change of all linen. The ointment has an odor, burning sensation at the site of application. At the onset of symptoms should stop the drug.

Is contraindicated in pregnant women, lactation, individual intolerance.

Permethrin is effective a medicine for skin infection. It is applied to the lesions with a cotton swab for 3 days. Requires ventilation, do not expose the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth. If contact immediately rinse with plenty of water. Not recommended for children under 5 years, pregnant.

A side effect was the appearance of burning, itching, rashes.

Corona form requires a specific technique. Before you apply the ointment it is necessary to make the removal of crusts. To safely remove, you need to soften. After gently pick up and remove the problem. To do this, make soap-soda bath, or keratolytic cream.

Due to the complete elimination of the need to be treated according to the usual recommended scheme courses. The correction of the main source of scabies, what was the factor in its reduction of immune forces of an organism.

Treatment at home

With self-therapy at home need to be treated all households regardless of whether there are signs. Required disinfection of pillows, blankets, soft toys, furniture, doorknobs. Things you need to bear the cold. When exposed to cold germs are killed. The room must be ventilated. A full Laundry. It is necessary to boil, just so the pathogens are killed. Dried things a good Ironing from both sides.

In pharmacies sell special sprays for the treatment of mattresses, furniture. Every day to wash floors and surfaces with water and soda and soap.

Allowed handling of the skin following tools:

  1. celandine,
  2. birch tar.

Celandine should be mixed with vaseline. For complete treatment you will need 4 tablespoons of vaseline. The resulting mixture lubricate the crust and bubbles.
Birch tar is applied directly on the erosive surface that does not wash off for 3 hours.

Preventive measures

You should know that the person is infected by contact of skin with the patient's skin another. High risk during intercourse. It's not the intercourse, and the duration of the time interval for transmitting arthropods.

Prevalent outbreaks of infection in institutions, groups. Hitting the body of the tick penetrates, he will need no more than an hour to infect the host.

For a microorganism is considered aggressive environment of 21 degrees and 40% humidity. They cannot tolerate dryness, heat, so frequent hygiene contributes to the rapid spread.

Children pick up the infection when sleeping in the same bed with the sick scabies. The following simple rules will help prevent the risk of infection. We need to change the bedding, underwear kids. The baby should sleep in your own bed.

Regular inspection for rashes, etc. Adults in all contacts with the infected to do preventive treatment. Not worth the extra time to touch handles in public transport, railings, handrails in the subway. On arrival home, to wash hands thoroughly.