Adhesions in the intestine symptoms and treatment

The replacement of healthy cells leads to pathological bonding of the connective tissue and rather dangerous phenomenon — adhesive process, intestinal necessary up to lethal outcome. The disease often occurs after surgery, when violated the integrity of the cells in the gut, in places the formation of connective tissue serous sheets are formed between loops of bowel.

Spajki v kishechnike simptomy i lechenie

The symptomatology is diverse. Spikes allows you to identify colonoscopy, and often have to remove only by surgery, and fraught with complications. That is why it is always important people to follow preventive measures or to know how to treat intestinal adhesions under suspicion, to go faster to the doctors. The danger of adhesions is the development of peritonitis, volvulus. The consequences could be irreversible.

Why are the spikes?

The introduction of epithelial cells into healthy cells through the perforations leads to the death of the second, the development of the inflammatory process in the abdominal cavity. In most cases the formation of adhesions may occur after surgery, such as resection of the stomach, also due to:

  • genetic predisposition, when adhesions have taken place in close relatives,
  • appendicitis, peritonitis,
  • occurrence of infectious processes in the walls of the peritoneum,
  • injury cavity after surgery,
  • abuse of alcohol, nicotine, and fastfudom food
  • obesities,
  • diabetes.
Spajki v kishechnike simptomy i lechenie

Sometimes adhesions beyond the intestinal wall, leads to damage of the bladder, liver, uterus and fallopian tubes in women. In the formation of adhesions in the intestine is lost, the integrity of the tissues. The mucous membrane dries out and becomes dry by loss of moisture. Injured internal tissue of the colon after the intervention of a surgeon with a scalpel, and other materials for stitches. Causes of adhesions may be congenital anomaly in children with paresthesia of the small intestine or excessive elongation of the sigmoid colon. Often this phenomenon provokes frequent overeating food with crude fiber in large amounts, alcohol.

As adhesions to recognize?

Not always pathology begins to manifest itself. Often spike in the gut symptoms and remain undetected until six months to a year or more. Only after a random colonoscopy doctors can diagnose this fact. Patients among the primary signs is celebrated:

  • the appearance of sharp pains,
  • pulling, stabbing abdominal pain after eating or weight lifting,
  • discomfort in the intestinal gas,
  • flatulence, bloating when squeezing the walls of the peritoneum,
  • rumbling and rattling in the cavity,
  • constipation, obstruction of feces in case of violation intestinal motility,
  • retching on the background of intoxication ,
  • fast weight loss,
  • pregnant women have increased level of fibrinogen.

The functionality of the gut is hampered when gluing the hinges. Pain often with adhesions so strong that it immediately raises the need for pain medicine.

The chronic course of the disease the patient begins to dramatically lose weight, there is intestinal obstruction, start to swell limbs, decreased blood pressure, are showing signs of tachycardia.

Spajki v kishechnike simptomy i lechenie

Adhesions in the intestine in children lead to poor circulation that can lead to tissue necrosis, the development of peritonitis, discharge of vomit green.

It is understood that it is impossible resorption of adhesions by itself. If you deleted an appendicitis or other surgery by the surgeon and there are the unpleasant symptoms of adhesions of the intestines, it is not necessary to delay the trip to the doctor. The state of the threat. Might have to conduct new operations.

Intestinal adhesions, types

Depending on the area of adhesion of the mucosa to distinguish spikes:

  • perinatal,
  • visceral splice intestinal loops with peritoneum,
  • the viscero-parietal.

Especially dangerous intestinal obstruction because of the oppression of the intestinal tube stool, the impossibility of their passage. The condition leads to spasms, and disorders of microcirculation in the walls of the intestine, the formation of mechanical adhesions in the walls of the small intestine. While adhesions in the walls of the colon can lead to the development of malignant tumors. When squeezing the lumen of the intestinal tube may occur volvulus, inflectionnooses'. Adhesions become a life threatening.

Spajki v kishechnike simptomy i lechenie

What is the diagnosis?

Diagnosis begins with a visual examination of the patient. Are there any pain symptoms during attacks. If the cause of scarring and intestinal obstruction – operation, the research subject is the rectum the finger method.

The main method of diagnosis is colonoscopy, to get a more accurate picture of the condition of the peritoneal cavity. The patient is redirected to the blood, the passage of x-rays to record the development of adhesions, ultrasound, CT.

How to treat without surgery

Treatment of adhesions — conservative, unless they are a threat to life. Appoint:

  • enzymes for lysis of adhesions,
  • analgesics, antispasmodics (drotaverin, cetanol, analgin, but-shpa) to reduce pain,
  • anti-infective remedies to remove toxins from the body,
  • glucose,
  • sorbents,
  • anticoagulants,
  • heparin And injected into the subcutaneous fat, but has contraindications. Not applicable for bleeding, liver and kidney damage, leukemia, anemia,
  • corticosteroids (hydrocortisone) to be injected into the muscle of the peritoneum,
  • Lidaza to eliminate contractures, acute hematoma formed, softening scars,
  • fibrinolitiki for the administration by design through an IV,
  • fibrinolysis (usually in the course of the operation in conjunction with heparin).

Non-surgical treatment of adhesions is not without physiotherapy, a prescription electrophoresis, paraffin applications by overlaying on the stomach in getting rid of the pain, homeopathic remedies prescribed by a doctor — homeopath.

Spajki v kishechnike simptomy i lechenie

If you occupied a large area of intestinal adhesions, the treatment is most commonly performed by laparotomy by incision on the abdomen, dissection of adhesions in the intestine. Although a high probability of new adhesions in the postoperative period and the method ineffective.

If adhesions diagnosed with a single, then laparoscopy is performed by introducing into the peritoneal cavity of an endoscope through the incisions. This is the best option, although it often leads to injury of tissues and recurrences in the future.

In practice, applicable for a laser treatment, unless of course, the vastness of the fibrous joints slightly and has a clear localization.

Medical drugs can prevent the growth of adhesions, but the complications and negative effects, dysfunctions in the digestive tract occur frequently. Sometimes patients need a second operation. In the occurrence of relapses may develop secondary dysmenorrhea. When the flow of adhesive process in the background adhesion of the intestinal loops in the cavity of the uterus in women diagnosed with infertility.

Surgery can lead to the development of bleeding, perforation in the intestine, perinatal fibrous adhesion at the obstruction, the appearance of small intestinal obstruction. All this inevitably leads to stretching or twisting of the intestine, narrowing of the lumen up to complete overlap of the stool. Food in the digestive tract began to move through the intestine. There is partial or complete intestinal obstruction is life threatening for the condition that requires immediate surgical intervention.

Spajki v kishechnike simptomy i lechenie

In the treatment of essential diet. It is important to organize the work of the digestive system. Not to overeat, but also to avoid strong hunger, eat small portions, but often.

You should abandon heavy rough food: beans, cabbage, grapes, nuts, corn, can cause flatulence. Also from cow's milk, carbonated beverages, spicy seasonings and sauces.

You need to include in your diet products with calcium (cheese, cheese, yogurt), favoring the passage of food through the gut and gives a laxative effect. Food you need to take necessarily in the form of heat (especially in the postoperative period) to avoid a new injury to the walls of the esophagus. It is better to prefer warm low-fat broths, soft boiled eggs, boiled fish, boiled lean meat, light soups. Strong tea and coffee should be deleted. Make mineral water without gas, herbal tea to eliminate the symptoms of inflammatory process.

How to cure folk remedies?

With the aim of help with adhesions in the region of the peritoneum in the postoperative period, the patient is recommended:

  • the root of bergenia by brewing with boiling water, stir up 2-3 hours. Can broth to douching 2 times a day,
  • centaury, melilot and mother-and-stepmother by brewing with boiling water, stir up and the reception in the morning and at night for 1.5 cups,
  • dried nettle (leaves) and dog rose (fruits) by steeping and reception instead of tea, preferably on an empty stomach.
Spajki v kishechnike simptomy i lechenie

It is important to understand that this is a serious disease successfully and without complications treated only at the initial stage of development. Traditional methods effective after the operation, but before applying best to consult with your doctor.

Problems surgery, whenthe formation of adhesions between the intestinal loops remains relevant to this day. Patients present with many different symptoms, long for and time. They often do not manifest themselves, and the man later refers to the doctors, when not to pass the operation on an emergency basis.

It after surgery adhesions are often formed. Begins in walls of the intestine inflammatory process remains close to the development of peritonitis or Appendix carrying life-threatening in the absence of urgent action by doctors. Inflammation in the peritoneum may spread to nearby organs: bladder, uterus, or ovaries in women. Sometimes, the cause of adhesions, caesarean or for ex-lap, so when the doctors come running at a resolution of childbirth. Violated the integrity of internal organs, decreases the humidity of the mucosa.

It is difficult to avoid the formation of adhesions. For example, physician inexperience and forgetfulness have left a foreign body in the body during the operation, or applied rather rough manipulation during suturing in contact of the tools with a very delicate mucous membrane of the peritoneum.

Adhesions may lead to the complete defeat of the peristaltic movements of the intestines. Is just critical.

We cannot rely on the fact that adhesions will resolve on their own. The appearance constipation, weakness, feeling of weakness, fever, nausea and vomiting on the background of intoxication with the clogged walls of the intestine stool need to sound the alarm and go to the doctors. Only the timely assistance rendered will save you from many troubles and complications. Sometimes even from certain death when adhesions in the intestine.