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How to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract

Kak normalizovat rabotu zheludochno kishechnogo trakta

Special intestinal flora allows for the breakdown of food into micronutrients that nourish all the cells to maintain their livelihoods. In some cases, the microflora, which consists of numerous bacteria and microorganisms change. Thus in high concentrations, some bacteria can cause diarrhea, which should not be allowed. Immediately after the occurrence of the problem should be the restoration of microflora. That is why many have a question: how to normalize the bowel, which can be used the medications, whether diet and so on.

Characteristics of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract

When considering how to normalize the bowel, should pay attention to the characteristics of the microflora and why it is important to keep in good condition. Since birth begins to form the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the characteristics of the organism only to 13 years is the final formation of microflora. We should note the following points:

  1. The stomach develops about 500 different bacteria.
  2. Approximately 99% of all microorganisms in the natural environment of the digestive tract helpful, and only with a significant increase in their concentration can cause problems.
  3. Only 1% of the resulting bacteria can harm the stomach.

Activity of beneficial bacteria helps the digestive system to digest are looking for. In addition, they are involved in the formation of minerals and vitamins that are required by the cells for their vital functions.

There are a huge number of bacteria, reproduction of which leads to frustration and the development of the inflammatory process. The high concentration of some leads to pathological changes of the digestive system, which is not recommended.

You should pay attention to the fact that the normal intestinal microflora is essential for the whole organism:

  1. The normal condition of the digestive system determines what happens to support the immune system. You should note that only normal operation of the intestinal tract allows to produce immunoglobulin A, which forms the immune system. Also the body needs nutrients: vitamins and trace elements.
  2. Some toxins can be suppressed digestive system. That is why people may not feel the intoxication in the presence of a large number of pathogenic bacteria in the body.
  3. Stable power cells useful trace elements and vitamins allows you to maintain the overall condition of the skin. With significant changes in bowel function changes the state of the skin: pimples, there is a strong dryness, surface scaly.
  4. With a proper diet can protect the body from premature aging. The stomach and the whole digestive system secretes bacteria, which allow to neutralize the effect of toxins. However, a significant decrease in the number of natural bacteria, the concentration of toxins increases considerably, and the body begins to age faster.

The above points define why it is important to maintain the natural microflora of the digestive system.

What is the reason of the problem?

There are many reasons that can begin the digestive system. Of reasons depend on the features assigned therapy. Treatment consists of two stages: recovery of the flora and the elimination of negative factors that have caused the problem. The most common causes of this problem include:

  1. The total spectrum antibiotics have a devastating effect on the digestive system and cause dysbiosis.

    Kak normalizovat rabotu zheludochno kishechnogo trakta

  2. When malnutrition, which is characterized by the reception of the small amount of fiber and other nutrients. Note that it is the fiber allows the intestines normally.
  3. Certain substances included in drugs and medicines, help cleanse microflora. Frequent carry out such a procedure is not recommended, because along with the toxins is excretion useful bacteria. Quite often, the procedure of cleansing the intestines hold people to soften stool.
  4. Antibacterial drugs that can be administered in the treatment of various diseases, also cause goiter.
  5. Stress and fatigue quite often become a reason that violated the natural processes in the body. If there are similar kind ofchanges it is likely that the bacteria will die.

The above reasons lead to the fact that there is a dysbiosis of the digestive system. Some when this problem occurs, do not go to the doctor, so how do you solve solve the health problem of their own. However, based on what problem resulted in the violation of the microflora can prescribe the most effective treatment. After all, to solve the problems of dysbiosis is not enough to take drugs intended for the bowel. To prevent the factor causing the problem, it is important to normalize the digestive system.

Features assigned therapy

Quite often as the primary treatment diet to normalize the functioning of the intestine. While doctors do not recommend randomly use preparations, which are necessary for normalization of the intestinal microflora. Quite often, the treatment lasts long enough, in some cases, the treatment is delayed up to 6 months. To the features of recommended therapy include the following points:

  1. Quite often, a goiter becomes a cause of intoxication. That is why the healing process it is recommended to start with body cleansing. There are many different methods of cleaning the digestive system, for example, washing. However, only a physician should carry out the cleaning of the body.
  2. Also should be cleansing the body by use of drugs that kill bacteria.
  3. Proper nutrition will also help you to achieve your goal. Should eat enough dairy products because their composition is necessary bacteria that can improve the efficiency of the digestive system.

    Kak normalizovat rabotu zheludochno kishechnogo trakta

  4. To restore the gastro intestinal tract is only possible by settling the digestive system bacteria.

Many medicines are used to restore the microflora are commercially available. Preparations for the normalization should appoint only doctors.

Types of drugs

As previously mentioned, to assign a healing tool can only doctor. All drugs can be divided into three main groups:

  1. Probiotics – drugs that allow you to restore flora by colonization of the digestive system. An example can be called Linex Bifidumbacterin. These drugs are able to provide the conditions which are most favorable for bacteria.
  2. Prebiotics are a group of medicines that also allows you to maintain the most favorable conditions for the development of bacteria. It includes Normase, Duphalac. This unit is divided into several dozen sub-groups, because the classification is based on the stamp of bacteria.
  3. Synbiotics – a complex of bacteria, which also promotes the growth of bacteria in the digestive system. This group of drugs include Bifidobacteria Tank, Biovestin-Lacto. Pay attention to the fact that preparations from this group can harm human health.

However, you should pay attention to the fact that the drug, normalizing the natural microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and sugar should not be prescribed to people with lactase deficiency.

Treatment of pregnant women

During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes substantial changes, which can cause many hidden diseases. As a rule, the cause of manifestation of disease is hormonal changes. Dysbacteriosis often arises in women in the state. To the characteristics of the assigned therapy include the following points:

  1. First of all, the dietitian needs to develop a proper diet. As a rule, it does not allow you to eat fatty, spicy and salty food.
  2. Also the doctor with the features of passing of pregnancy should be prescribed drugs that carry out the restoration of microflora in the digestive tract.

The doctor should take into account the point that the body of each woman is individual. So the doctor needs to adjust the prescribed treatment. In many cases, in addition to diet and medication given oral kefir, the fermented milk products help to restore the microflora. However, due to the peculiarities of pregnancy the taste preferences of women may change significantly, and the dairy products may appear vomiting and nausea. Drugs are to be taken as candles are considered the most effective because it does not have a detrimental impact on the body.


Kak normalizovat rabotu zheludochno kishechnogo trakta

Some preventive measures help to eliminate the probability of occurrence of the considered problem. Note that in some cases, to avoid dysbiosis, as required by the drugs disrupt the microflora of the digestive system. This prevention is to maintain the immune system and proper nutrition. Dairy products, which in recent years have become increasingly included in the diet, help to maintain the microflora. You can also pay attention to drugs,which inhabit the digestive system beneficial to the body bacteria.

In conclusion, we note that in case of violation of the microflora of the body because of treatment of other chronic diseases with antibiotics to restore microflora only after completion of prescribed treatment. This is due to the fact that the total spectrum antibiotic exposure killed all bacteria and viruses in the body, including those needed to maintain natural processes. After completion of treatment, be sure to begin the process of restoring the natural microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.