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Medicine for purgation — Effective drugs for intestinal cleansing

The intestine is an integral part of the human body, it is part of the internal organs and deals with the main task of digestion. In this Department is in the process of absorption of substances in the intestine and thus the person receives beneficial enzymes.

The total length of the intestine in life is 4 meters, and after the death increased by 2 times, newborn intestine is quite small, and up to 3 years maximum grows and may exceed the growth of the child 6 times.

Education from such volumes in a child is associated with the transition from breast consistency of food to more solid food. The shape and styling of the intestine mostly the same for each person, but change with the years, deformed.

The human intestine is divided into small and large intestine. Each of them consists of separate parts, which certainly performs its function.

Small intestine — often the digestive system, which is located between the stomach and the colon. This name is simply because its walls are thin and more sensitive, and the diameter of the passage is much narrower, but at the same time it is the place where food digestion and all the most important processes.

The colon is already lower intestine, it also consists of several segments. This name is due to the density of wall tissue, they are more dense because of the strong muscular walls. In this Department of the intestines occurs terminating the process of absorption of water and other liquids and the recycled slurry is formed of the fecal mass.

Structure of the guts inside

The bowels should be regularly supplied with blood, the inflow and outflow takes place from different sides. The walls of both intestines are supplied with fibers from the inside, slim and colon consists of a mucous membrane.

The inner shell of the small bowel include villi, they are directly involved in the processing of food. In the colon villi are absent, they are equipped with longitudinal muscles.

At each stage of movement of food through the intestines with it there are some processes, each of which differs in their functions and performs certain tasks. Digestion and its movement along the intestine occurs at the moment of contraction of muscles and transmission of food to the next compartment of the digestive system.

In the colon chyme is cleared from the last of the liquid and at the last stage in the formation of the fecal mass, it passes into the rectum and the body is cleansed of harmful toxins.

It is important to know that when digestion is not only the absorption of useful minerals in the blood, but on the contrary to the conclusion of harmful substances from the tissues of the body and release them through stool.

Diagnosis of intestinal diseases

A huge number of diseases attack system, gastrointestinal tract, and to determine the type of disease thoroughly and in detail studied the list of symptoms and factors. Doctors state of local and General complaints and diagnosed with the disease.

At diagnosis the important role played by the consistency and color of stool, number of bowel movements per day and the condition of the body after emptying. Examine whether there is flatulence, rumbling and increased gas emission. Also there is the portability of many products and the reaction of the intestine when they are ingested.

The doctor, observing the dynamics of the disorders that can conclude what kind of infection is fighting bowel and what part of the intestine suffers more. For example, if you weight loss, hair loss, or crumbling of the nail is clearly suffering the small intestine. To determine more precise disease, the intestine especially fill light chemical stimuli and observe the behavior and reactions of the intestine. This, in turn, and shows which areas are suffering and how it is a disease.

Every disease has features in symptoms and experienced physician can immediately draw several conclusions. Diarrhea can happen when the so-called "impatience" of the intestine that is not given the necessary amount of time to process food and the forming of feces, there is a sharp emission is not increased as a result of food. Thus the body is not getting all the nutrients and food uses inferior.

Constipation opposite happen when decelerating functions of the intestine and the promotion of stool through the body intestines. Intestinal pain most commonly associated with sharp spasms and contractions of the muscles.

It is strongly influenced by nerve receptors and pain may be enhanced by associations with something or during exercise.

Preventing to cleanse the body

To avoid many of the above symptoms and the establishment of the work of the body is necessary to arrange prevention and prevent diseases that may occur in the intestine. Currently, people have become more worried about your health and live a healthy lifestyle.

Many are just eating healthy food and regularly take special medication that cleanses the body. To clearintestines from the inside out you can apply as a designated doctor pills or drugs and intestinal cleansing can be arrange with the help of medicine. What is the method to produce cleansing the bowel you decide.

Medicinal method is usually applied by the doctor and in if necessary, and the condition requires immediate cleaning. Intestinal cleansing folk medicine and the human desire to go home and self monitor their condition.

Our body daily with food, oxygen and other external factors gets the toxins and harmful substances. Even if eating only healthy food and watching their health, people still are not safe from contamination of its biological environment.

The doctors concluded that the slagging of the body has a person to getting infections, most often subjected to diseases. And the people who take care of themselves, and periodically use the tool for cleaning a clogged bowel toxins, are rarer and they are more effectiveness of the supplementation.

As the intestine is directly involved in the processing of food and absorption of minerals, a lot of slag deposited on it. And requires regular cleaning and prevention of disease.

Good methods for cleaning the body

For the expulsion of excess toxins, toxins and harmful substances from the body pharmacies offering a variety of drugs, but a medicine to clean the bowel is intoxicated doesn't always have to be chemical, and perhaps we can do folk remedies.

Coarse particles of bran are well cleaned intestine, collecting all the substances that pollute the body. Bran swept from the body deposits of feces and stones that are collected inside over the years. After application of the work of the intestinal flora is getting better and the level of absorbability increases.

Good help in such case, the use of cereals. If you train yourself to regularly include in your diet cereals, you would not have to take special drugs or resort to scheduled cleaning of the body. The oatmeal gently clean the intestines and enrich the microflora in mucus, which helps to calm and establish the excellent work of the small intestine.

In the summer, cleaning can be carried out using copious consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. They are rich in fiber and extremely positive effect on the digestive system. Raw vegetables facilitate the work of the intestines and is removed together with the entire intestinal dirt.

The pharmacy in addition to pills, you can purchase natural herbs decoctions which are useful and practical to use against poisons. Each kind of herbs aimed at cleansing from a specific toxin and more impact on the established work of the intestine.

It is also necessary and easy to regularly maintain the organism's biorhythms, it can be done with the use of conventional products that promote digestive processes and help in the body. With daily use of kefir or yogurt, the bacteria, which are rich in these products, are involved in digestion.

The body's daily needs large volumes of water, and its adoption did not require much effort. It is also necessary to include in your diet fruits, vegetables and healthy Breakfast. Thus, you will not have to clean the body especially and constantly to support its biological condition.