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Castor oil — Properties and applications of castor oil, reviews

Castor oil looks like normal oil, yellow color with a specific aroma and little taste.

For use inside use the oil with cold-pressed oil, which is produced by means of hot pressing, used to strengthen hair and moisturize skin.

This oil is considered to be the most dense and viscous in consistency among other natural oils. It doesn't have the property to dry out and form a film.

Castor oil can be mixed with any ingredient, if you do a mask or a cream. It is very soluble in alcohol and has a tendency to oxidize when interacting with oxygen and does not freeze and does not lose its useful properties at low temperatures.

If you follow all the rules of storage, the oil can last more than two years and do not become rancid, is not damaged. The best place for storage is the fridge (dark and cool place).

In this article you will learn everything and a little bit more about castor oil, what is oil of castor oil, its use and properties.

Useful properties of castor oil

Even with many many years ago, castor oil was very popular among the people it was used to improve and give a healthy look to hair, thick and beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows, to soften the skin and not only.

Even nowadays the castor oil is in great demand among the population, it would seem that now a large range of shampoos and masks in the store shelves, but use natural ingredients.

Also castor oil is popular in medicine, firstly it is used as a laxative, and then to care for hair and dry skin.

Very good castor oil to treat colds, such as coughs, colds, bronchitis. In this case the tool is rubbed inside and take the spoon inside, because there's just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

Of course before, healers have multiplied the usefulness of this tool, and used castor oil to combat every disease. But currently, oil is used against many diseases and their prevention.

Many modern nutritionists recommend full and people with excess weight to use castor oil to reduce the volume of the body. The fact is that castor oil can rid the body of all harmful toxins toxins. It turns out that there is cleaning not only the intestinal tract, but also all the toxins from the body naturally and the human body is filled with energy and storing vitamins. In addition to weight loss, is the improvement of health and the facial skin becomes more plump and the person looks younger.

In order not to harm your body, it is better to ask Council of the doctor, because if you use castor oil for weight loss, there may be some contraindications.

In addition to the above, this magical oil has found its application in cosmetology. Experts advise to buy castor oil in pharmacies than in the store. And it is better to use cold pressed oil as it is a better and more useful.

If you have dry, wilted skin, especially if on the face began to appear wrinkles, the use of this magical tool, after a few days, you will feel a noticeable result. First, it will become less sensitive, the second moist, and decrease wrinkles.

Very well-established in the treatment and healing of wounds, cuts and various sores on his body. As it has such properties which is able to quickly heal and nourish the skin.

Some people the oil may not be suitable. Should not be applied, especially on the skin, in pure form, as it can be irritation or allergic reaction.

Very well, you castor oil to improve the growth of eyelashes and hair. The oil is used both in pure form and added to the masks. After the first application, a noticeable result, the hair becomes soft and silky, less fall out and grow quickly, become more smooth, shiny and no longer split. For modern girls is very important, as healthy and well-groomed hair is the key to success. It is not recommended to apply the mask with castor oil, people with oily hair type.

The use of castor oil to cleanse the body

When a person is healthy, fit and full of energy and strength, you need at least sometimes to take care of your intestines. After all, if we have hurt the internal organs, be sure the symptoms are visible on the face. Moreover, this expression in the literal and figurative sense, as when there is a blockage the body's toxins, be sure to pour the pimples or the skin becomes oily or dry. You can spendcleansing with castor oil.

First you need to understand what a colon cleanse. If you remember biology, namely the structure of the human digestive system, remember that the digestive system consists of several organs and intestine. The intestine is almost 3 meters. And if during his lifetime man has never carried out cleaning of the intestine, there are many harmful toxins.

Who in the first place you should think about cleaning the intestines:

  • unpleasant (malodorous) breath,
  • digestive upset (bloating),
  • change in stool (diarrhea, constipation),
  • pimples on the face.

What happens after the cleaning?

The first thing that happens is all of the above unpleasant symptoms evaporate, then the intestines will be cleansed of unwanted stool and toxins.

If not promptly take care of your digestive system and to cleanse the body of these unwanted substances, the human body at some time may fail. This means there will be serious health problems.

What are the benefits of cleansing with castor oil before in other ways?

One of the most popular cleaning methods is an enema but this procedure should be performed by or under the supervision of a physician. Enema not only has a positive effect on the human body, it certainly clears it, but can excrete nutrients and disturb the microflora in the gut.

Everything you need to follow some rules, for example the temperature of the water, and if you break it, it can lead to unfortunate consequences. Castor oil is used inside, it has a mild laxative effect without disturbing the microflora and not bringing useful minerals, but rather nourishing vitamins. Often castor oil clean the intestines before any operation or survey.

In addition to the use of this tool should not forget about their diet. Products should be easy and diet. Before the procedure, you can arrange a few days of fasting and to abandon the heavy, fatty and salty foods. Vegetable soups, dairy products, cereals, juices, fruits and vegetables, these products should consist of your daily diet before the cleanse with castor oil.

Several methods of purification

The easiest known method of cleansing the colon consists of taking castor oil and castor oil 1G is calculated per 1 kg of body weight. The measured portion of the oil heat it up and drink small SIPS. After it is washed down the floor with a Cup of lemon juice and again drink the oil. Can be feeling of nausea won't be long, to avoid this eat raisins, it softens the feeling of nausea. Cleaning should do it in about 2-2,5 hours after receiving the funds.

As already mentioned, before the procedure you should go on a proper diet, and before taking of means not to eat 5-6 hours. It is best to drink the oil with lemon juice before you go to bed and try to go to sleep immediately.

With proper execution of the procedure, the body in the morning will get rid of toxic substances and unnecessary feces. For women this method will not only clean your intestines, but will also save them from a 3-2 pounds of excess weight, but do not be fooled, weight is lost through fluid loss. Using this method, with the lemon not very good for your stomach, and it microflora.

A great way to cleanse will, a tablespoon of castor oil in the morning on an empty stomach and drink a glass of water. This method is gentle and positive, effect on the microflora of the intestine and stomach.

Another method for cleaning is a low-fat Cup of yogurt mixed with a spoon of castor oil, and a spoonful of all bran is thoroughly mixed and is consumed before bedtime. The effect will feel in the morning.

All of these methods are not very pleasant procedure, but inexpensive cost and natural components that are included in the methods is a big plus.

Kama is impossible to use such methods of purification:

  1. it is forbidden to use women during lactation and pregnancy,
  2. if you have inflammation of the intestines,
  3. with chronic constipation should not resort to such methods,
  4. if felt abdominal pain, the first step is to be examined, then talk with your doctor, you can use the method,
  5. intestinal obstruction.

Why still using the castor oil

Buy this product at a pharmacy at a low price. The drug has a lot of positive reviews from ordinary people who used it and from highly skilled doctors.

It is used for disease prevention and treatment:

  • The use of castor oil against corns and calluses. For a long time, about a month, every day should be grate means calluses and corns. The oil can be mixed with sea salt. The effect is simply stunning.
  • Castor oil to treat hemorrhoids. Upon detection of this disease or fissures, you can dip a cotton ball in oil and apply to the affected area. Discomfort will disappear within a few minutes, and if you run the procedure every day the cracks will be held during the week.
  • The oil also found its application in the care of the nails. If you have weak and brittle fingernails is a tool for you. Only need to wipe the nails this oil every day. Not only the nails will become beautiful and strong, but also your skin moist andrelents.
  • The use of this tool for the hair. It's just a magical remedy for dry, brittle and lifeless hair. It is used both in pure form and mixed with other essential oils. The result is simply stunning.
  • Castor oil combined with alcohol, namely, cognac excellent remedy for parasites. A few days after using this tool not only improves the General condition of the patient, but also the face becomes clearer, pimples, acne and age spots disappear on the eyes.
  • This tool will help you to cope with constipation. it is composed of nutrients such as linolenic acid and ricinoleate. After getting into the digestive tract of all oil breaks down undigested fats and removes them. If you combine the castor oil with proper nutrition, the effect will be better. But we must not forget that the intestine tends to get used to a laxative drug.
  • The tool used against pain in the ligaments and joints. To do this, to make a lotion, the oil is slightly warmed and applied on the cotton fabric after applied to the affected area for a few hours. Should apply a day for two weeks.

What you need to know

In any store you can purchase castor oil, but it is best to choose a cold pressed oil, since the ingestion of it will be more secure. Beware of fakes, better to buy oil at the pharmacy.

Pregnant women are forbidden to take castor oil if it's not prescribed by a doctor.

If you used castor oil to cleanse and you experience nausea, dizziness, pain in the abdomen and vomiting is the first signs of an overdose.

Before you start to take castor oil inside, should ask the doctor's permission.